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    Disc Priest Trinket Question

    Hey guys.
    Right now my guild got rid of 3 of those 7 hardmodes in firelands and i got a question about my trinkets...
    right now im using : Jaws of Defeat and Eye of Blazing Power...
    I dont know if i should use Fiery Quintessence or look for some other trinkets, what do you suggest?

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    Like most other things disc-related, it depends a lot on your playstyle, stats, raid size and healing comp.

    I raid 10 mans as AA/A disc, prioritizing mastery after reaching about 12.5% haste, I heal with a druid and a paladin, and am at the moment having no mana issues. I prefer the combination of Moonwell Chalice and DMC: Volcano, and I keep a DMC: Tsunami around in case I feel like I am having regen issues.

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    my raid is 10 men, mostly im healing together with a shamy and paladin, following week there will be a new druid in my guild so i guess from next week shamy / drood / me.
    i dont heal as an aa/a disc.
    i used aa/a for the majordomo hc fight, imo it fits rly well ... in most of the other fights i dun like aa/a... dunno perhaps i gotta give it another try d:

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    I'm using the fiery one with jaws of defeat. I like the on-use it has with such a low CD its great. Blaze of life hardly procs from what I've experienced. Even though the constant int is nice. I reforged the spirit out for mastery (currently sitting at 45% increased absorbs). It's iffy though between the two.

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