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    Well whatever it is, Blizzard will go all out to expend the losses.

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    i also heard that when using a certain set of rules, you can spell out Deathwing in the bible...

    numerology is for the weak, stop reading into it so much. i can see it now, blizz employees kicking back in their chair laughing at all the time wasted trying to figure out random and useless information before anything is set in stone.

    Thaumaturge Vashreen - "Have a true gamers hunt"
    Vaultkeeper Razhid - "hide a true leak" with remaining letters ZPRV.
    ZPRV shifted to the right by one letter is SW/AQ (Stormwind Ahn'Qiraj)
    Numerically, SWAQ is 1,17,19,23 and 1+19 = 20 and 17+23 = 40, add this to the AQ and you get AQ20/40
    How was the order of ZPRV determined? Those extra letters seemed to have been placed in this order on purpose just so said person could get the letters to shift in their favor to show SWAQ. If this was real, then the remaining letters should be in the order VPRZ
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    Always wanted a Oshu'gun raid or something

    nice finds
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    I have a Link that might have some clues

    sorry there no link.. I made an account today just to post this!
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    Look there's a THREAD!
    They gonna change our Tiers!
    I can have Warlock T5 with all latest tier stats!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vagus View Post
    Mana Tombs, was merely a setback...introducing "Mana Catacombs!" the new exciting Heroic dungeon in 4.3.
    Lmao! Think we've had enough revamps for the rest of wow's future

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    All anagrams on this thread could easily turn into porn
    Quote Originally Posted by BoomChickn View Post
    The reason the smart people are miserable because their head hurts so much from facepalming at all the stupid people, its so simple.

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    Somebody found the heavy duty tinfoil i see.... but seriously these threads are interesting good find
    The true vanilla wow test is whether or not they miss Vanilla. If they do, they didn't play in Vanilla.

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    *Grabs tinfoil hat* They can't get me now
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    Interesting, but you shouldn't always allow you're mind follow you're Imagination.

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    the number 23 wasn't a good movie and neither is this thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bombkirby View Post
    Don't worry its not a real anagram.... its missing several letters to be a real one.
    I checked it, the one that says "A WoW Rehash Revamp" is completely accurate. Every single letter is used, not a single extra or missing.

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    Question I would ask is what do consortium dudes have to do with AQ20/40?

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    So they're replacing all the NPC in Cordell's Enchanting, wish they would move this shop to IF instead, or just put anything in IF for once I miss that place so much. Its such a ghost town, even Darn has more ppl and thats not saying much. Sig by Lilliputia! <3

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    Actually, the longer I think abot it, the more I think it will be something like "Frozen Orb Trader".

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    Warpweaver Hashom - "A WoW Rehash/Revamp" Where did you get the 2nd R from ? I only see one R in Warpweaver Hashom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by esnar View Post
    Warpweaver Hashom - "A WoW Rehash/Revamp" Where did you get the 2nd R from ? I only see one R in Warpweaver Hashom.
    Warpweaver Hashom

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    Quote Originally Posted by esnar View Post
    Warpweaver Hashom - "A WoW Rehash/Revamp" Where did you get the 2nd R from ? I only see one R in Warpweaver Hashom.
    Hi, thanks for sharing stupidness.

    Warpweaver Hashom

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