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  • Wardrobe

    23 22.33%
  • Customize gear to all old ones for class

    15 14.56%
  • Customize gear from all current same ilvl gear

    7 6.80%
  • Heirbloom transporter

    58 56.31%
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    Well i would guess it will have to do something with the "premium" feature of X realm Group invites, so my bet would be X realm Banking Premium only

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    Another bank, premium only.

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    Well... it's "void storage"

    The only reason to make it separate would probably be because it won't act like a bank. To that extent, maybe it's for us to dump old gear or RP gear and access it whenever from a new button?

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    My money's on a account bank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by g01851 View Post
    Shared storage space for all your alts in that realm/faction?
    wow, something just clicked.

    maybe this could be their way of solving the boa problem where you cant send them to toons on other servers. if so many people will love that.
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    Accountwide banking I'd guess

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    Quote Originally Posted by videotape View Post
    My money's on a account bank.
    I see a lot of people saying that, but to be honest wouldn't it make more sense to put such a bank in the existing bank, instead of what is clearly some sort of item modification shop?

    As I've said before, I think it's just a convenient place to put old gear you like to use as part of the transmorgifier service.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gouled View Post
    Guys you are completely missing the point. What is so large you can't store it in a regular bank, and instead you'd have to store it in a separate dimension. I think you know where I'm going, you're Mom is going to be stored in the voidstorage, I just hope she fits and doesn't stretch it out too far.
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    Anyway, yeah; +1 for xrealm item storage.

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    Voidstorage - will be to hold Bnet account bound items to share on all characters on a Bnet account no matter what server they are on.
    Transmogrifier - will be to change armor to look like pieces you already aquired.
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    Kinda makes sense - you store old gear in voidstorage, then you use transsomething guy to make gear you have on to look like one in voidstorage... Voted Herloom transfer :O

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    I'm hoping the void storage will be like a "account bank" where you can trade heirlooms, items, gold, etc. across realm and faction

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    Always the chance it's just the name for the Ethereals' bank if they become a player race.
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    All I can say is, if Ethereals are going to be a new race, I'll race change every toon!

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    And dare I hope for even more like BoE's to be stored there or non-binding stuff...

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    I think it could be both an heirloom transporter, old gear storage, and possibly an account wide bank.

    Thus not only will you have a way to store old gears, like all of your sunwell stuffs, but maybe an actual way to store some tabards, be able to transfer stuff, not just heirlooms to other toons on your account whether that be horde or alliance.

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