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    vodka with orange juice
    rum with coke

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    beer ofcourse, but as you said you only drink it chilled i can see the reasoning. the only other option is whiskey then!

    hope your not going overboard tough :P
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    Absolutely with you it agree. In it something is also thought excellent.

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    Rum, Bacardi superior is my pref if you're gonna drink it warm.
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    Monarch silver rum and coke. Mmmmmm

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    I'd probably take whiskey too since you don't want to take beer, no need to mix it and it's something you can actually enjoy instead of just taking shots of it.

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    Jameson or Jack Daniels and a few shot glasses.

    Shame you can't bring cold beer.

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    Makers Mark is a good cheapish bourbon. I'm a gin man myself, but it's not exactly a popular thing to take warm and without any mixers (although 1 lime will net you 4 gimlets). I am, however, digging the reasoning to bring rum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmredmon View Post
    I'd bring 2 handles of Maker's. But my friends and I drink like sieves, so tone it up or down depending on your tolerances. Or you can bring Jameson if you want to get more rowdy.
    I second this opinion.. Makers is a much more deep rich flavor and Jameson is nice and smooth..
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    Pale Ales from a high-rated microbrewery. IPA's like Firestone Walker (local company) are amazing for the summer and they're high quality.

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    Orange Brandy or Fireball is good straight and warm. I usually take one of those hiking to take the edge off after a day of exploring.

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    isopropyl alcohol in case you need some first aids.
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    Grab a bottle or two of The Kraken.

    Also, the bottles can be easily tethered to yourself due to the design.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdubya View Post
    We all usually drink beer, but we don't want to drink it hot. And we don't want to bother with having to keep it cool. =]
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    Vodka with coke
    Whiskey(prefer Famous grouse)

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    Tequila tastes good and warms my soul. Brandy is another fine choice.

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    End of thread.

    PS: IF you just want to get drunk, isopropyl alcohol is great. 99,9% ftw.

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    If you're partial to beer and just want to avoid the coolers: buy six-packs of cans and tie them to a short rope (half a meter - just enough to be in the water). Toss the beer behind the raft/canoe and drag it behind you in the water. The river water is going to be cool, the beer will stay at the same temperature as the water. A typical fast-moving river in North America is around 10 degrees (50-ish F). A typical household refrigerator is set to about 4 degrees (40-ish F). It's not going to be ice cold, but it'll be cool enough to drink and enjoy on a hot day: no worse than a pint on the patio after 5 minutes. A couple of thick elastic bands to hold all six cans together is usually enough to keep them from breaking free in rough waters.
    isopropyl alcohol is great. 99,9% ftw.
    Anything you can buy at retail (or from lab supply shops) has been adulterated with various compounds to prevent drinking. In order to be sold in western nations it'll typically contain a fair bit of methanol (a poison that causes blindness and organ failure) and pyridine (which makes you puke and causes stomach pain)
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    It aint a camping trip without whiskey

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    I'd be going with vodka. Unless everybody is a fan of whiskey.
    I myself would be taking beer over anything else.. including a first aid kit.
    Vodka is pretty versatile and it can be mixed better with peoples preferences.

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