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    -Current state of Shadow Priest PvP

    So yeah Im just wondering what the current state of shadow priest is in pvp? Are they good or bad? any good comps?

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    I run low end 2v2 arenas with a frost mage. We do alright, because I can basically cover the things he can't, and frost mages cover a lot. The ranged disarm and silence are very nice in some situations, and if we stay close to each other we can ward melee off pretty well between scream and frost nova. The real strength I have as shadow is throwing all of my dots on a healer, then proceeding to mana burn them. I'm pretty sure priests are the only class left with a mana draining ability, and once the healer is oom, their team usually falls apart. Of course, spriests also have a high enough mana pool that they don't have to worry too much about casting dispel magic, which is an extremely powerful tool. Again though, I'm in the very bottom of the arena spectrum, and only started doing the arenas a couple weeks ago. From what I hear, there isn't too much spriest in high end PvP.

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    Any class that's bursty, really. Rogues, Dks, etc.

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    I'm rolling MLS right now. 2100 rating not that great but just went up against a spriest frost dk holy pally. And they get my lock to 10 percent within the first 6 seconds... it was ridic. They're burst is amazing. Shatterplay is a reaaally good comp. Spriest mage X healer... just annihilates
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