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    Question Dark Intent issues

    Dear MMO Champion priests:

    I was wanting to confirm on here a raid issue I think I am having.

    I checked my WoL's last night and I noticed that under buffs gained for me for a Baleroc kill (4:54), I had 6 Dark Intent procs, however for a Ragnaros attempt (5:32), I had 26 Dark Intent procs. Is this normal? Is the warlock shafting me in the middle of the fight (like buffing someone else with DI)? Your expert opinion is much appreciated.

    The reason I am asking is because the lack of DI procs may be hindering my DPS. For the Baleroc i was 7th on the meters and for Ragnaros, i was 2nd on the meters.

    Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post!

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    Did your raid comp change? Maybe there was a healer in the group who could benefit more from DI than you could?

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    Sir/Madam, the raid comp stayed exactly the same. Each warlock is assigned to buff DI to specific people. There are 4 warlocks that come to my guild's raid each week and the same warlock gives me DI and has been buffing DI on me for a while now.

    What I am wondering, does DI procs depend on the range you are to that warlock or is the warlock purposefully removing DI on me after the pull? I don't understand why for a 4:54 fight I got 6 procs but on another fight that lasted 38 seconds longer I got 4 times the amount of DI procs.

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    Would be awesome if you could provide us with that WoL report.

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    MMOchampion is saying I haven't posted enough but when I have, I will post a screenshot. I appreciate your patience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quillerjr View Post

    MMOchampion is saying I haven't posted enough but when I have, I will post a screenshot. I appreciate your patience.
    what you can do is this: put dot into brackets, ie mmo-champion(.)com
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    Here is the first screenshot of Baleroc Kill (4:54)

    Here is the second screenshot of Ragnaros Attempt (5:32)

    Make sure to put h t t p : / / before the i43

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    While DI stacks increases your dps fairly well, it is not a huge damage increase (the 3% haste is actually the main reason since it makes us able to reach haste plateus that increases the value of our haste). One of the main reasons why you did relatively more dps on Ragnaros was because shadow priests are better on the encounter compared to Baleroc. I am going to assume you don't have (4) piece cause that would bring you relatively close to the top on singletarget non-movement fights assuming you also get DI.

    Second of all I think it was either a recording bug because 96 % uptime is ridicoulsly high or even more likely your warlock died and forgot to renew the buff after he was CRed. This would be possible to check if you didn't screenshot it but linked it instead. Last time I did Baleroc I had a 76 % uptime on DI (with 27 stacks) http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-jy...=11362&e=11572, and I've rarely gone any higher on non-multidotting fights.

    So yeah, it seems most likely that you got 6 ticks of DI, your warlock died, you kept the 3 % haste buff hence your WoL recorded the DI to be 100 % present from that point.

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    Funk during Baleroc, I did not have the 4 pc, you're right. I got it that night on Major and noticed a massive improvement on Rag and was like, WOW haha.

    I thought it was DI because I just couldn't believe our 4pc is that massive.

    Thanks for clarifying!

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