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Thread: priest leveling

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    priest leveling

    So im leveling my priest and i dont know which spec would be better for healing instances for my dual spec. Disc of Holy?

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    Disc is insanely easy but boring. Although almost all low level 5-man healing is boring. If your ok with mindlessly clicking 2 buttons for hours to level then go Disc. If not, then go holy for some kind of variety with spells.

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    Disc cause you can quest with it too.

    Smite+Holy fire are OP, levelled faster questing as disc than as shadow til about 83.

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    Disc is pretty insane at low level instancing. Not only am I easily able to healing everyone, but i also top damage output than all 3 other dps. (once you get to atonement). But it's something like, Holy Fire -> Smite X4 -> Use Penance on CD either offensively or defensively and use AA for 5% mana regeneration, never found myself needing the bonus healing buff from it.

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