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    Call of Duty WW2 question about campaign

    Does said title have an offline campaign mode, or is it only multi-player FPS? Want to get it as a gift to someone, but want to make sure what the game is like.

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    its a short single player, get a different game if they dont play online. i rant through it while focusing on most achievments in about 5-6 hours.

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    If you want to play a single player fps campaign play something like F.E.A.R trilogy / Alan Wake/ shadow warrior/ hard reset/ return to castle wolfenstein / Crysis/ /quake/ red faction / painkiller / max payne trilogy / call of duty 1 and 2/ unreal / medal of honor allied assault/ Mafia / serious sam/ duke nukem 3d/ doom 3/ prey 2006 / prey 2016 / no one lives forever 1/2 / perfect dark 64 with 1963 emulator with mouse support/ turok/ Halo SPV3.1 or probably anything. Or play COD enjoy the 4 hour campaign for 60$ and its terrible story

    My suggestion? Buy all of the above in the winter sale for probably 2$ each and enjoy real fps games

    Id rather eT a bowl of shit then play the latest uninspired yearly shovelware by Activisom
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