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    I hate when Blizzard work on things that matter to other players instead of things that matter to me.
    I can guarantee there is not a single tank out there right now thinking "Thank god, my TPS has been poor all the way through firelands."

    Why do they have to do these things anyway? No news or changes for weeks and half way through firelands expansion, they change thret into something ... meaningless.

    It seems everything that Blizzard said they wanted to do in Cataclysm (healer mana regen, tank tps, raid/dungeon dificulty) is all slowley being undone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkley View Post
    I fail to see how i am contradicting myself, tanking firelands is EASY as hell, managing threat + mitigation via CD is no big issue, im stating the facts, if you cant handle threat + mitigation, stop tanking, you just dont have what it takes, done make threat easier so nobrainers can keep threat while tryine to figure out wheter to hit 1 2 3 or 4.
    That's why Blizzard made this change - to make all tanking more challenge and engaging by active mitigation and cooldown management, instead of the current passive, what you called "EASY as hell", tanking.

    So why are you complaining???
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    Quote Originally Posted by ashblond View Post
    So why are you complaining???
    The same reason why all other tanks are complaining. Tanking was easy as balls in wotlk, and when Cataclysm dropped Blizz took the stance to make it harder, and more exciting. Then half way through Cataclysm, they change it back.

    The whole point of vengance was to help with damage scaling and threat .... why didn't they just buff threat back then, insted of adding another mechanic to the game?

    It seems to me that they just dont have a grasp on what they are doing any more. Making changes just for the sake of it, and whats worse ... half way through firelands AND cataclysm. Why now? Why change tank threat right now?

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    as a warlock I miss the BC threat model. back then I didnt have to focus on getting every buff or dot up on exactly the right time, but what I did have to do was calculate whether or not the next Shadowbolt would get me killed or not. I had to walk a fine line between doing max dps and grabbing aggro. It meant I had to stand still and wait for my soulshatter to come off cd every now and then, but it was fun More fun than a 5 or 10 minute rage when I run and mash buttons the moment a spell comes off cd. as someone who plays 10 dps classes and recently changed his paladin alt to protection because retri has become retarded, I welcome this change. learning to tank is challenging enough for me. maybe with aggro being a non-issue I will finally stop pressing all the buttons the moment they light up, so I have some left for emergencies

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    Quote Originally Posted by farscape View Post
    Unless I misread the post, they aren't doing a 5x increase in threat. Tanks are already at 300% so 1 damage = 3 threat. They are boosting it to 500% so 1 damage = 5 threat. The threat increase is less than doubled and definitely not quintupled.
    Yeah, its a 66% increase in threat ... that's still a LOT.

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    As our paladin maintank said during WOTLK: "What I do? I mainly just Consecrate, go make a sandwhich and then come back for the loot." Thank god D3 is coming out in a matter of months!

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    What's most worrying is the fact that they implied the DK tanking model is the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supertramp View Post
    As our paladin maintank said during WOTLK: "What I do? I mainly just Consecrate, go make a sandwhich and then come back for the loot." Thank god D3 is coming out in a matter of months!
    Can't say you are wrong. As a Blood Death Knight in WOTLK, I was playing the piano on my keyboard and my co-paladin tank friend, just hit a couple of buttons.

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    To be honest, they should change healers as well. It's not fun to look at other people's healthbars. As long as a person received any kind of healing in the last 45 seconds, they shouldn't be able to die. Problem is in random heroics when I want to watch the scenery, or watch how my group's rogue move around busting cool moves. Or when I want to read the boss dialogue and the tank pulled while I'm still reading. And when I try to raid, people keep looking at my healing done in their damage/healing meters. That is just not fun.

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    I don't like this "we're too dumb, let's make this all so easy" politics. Ghostcrawler not only promised to not promise anything in their post, that at the end they do. And, if this is not enough proof they're laughing at us, just read this silly quote:
    You could argue that once threat is very easy to manage that a warrior tank could just go AFK. In reality, given today’s boss encounters, an AFK warrior would end up standing in the wrong place, missing a tank transition, or otherwise do something or fail to do something that wipes the party or raid.
    Oh, such a great answer for an irony. This guy needs to laid off immediately. It's leading the game to a 1 button action role game, to be honest, I was respecting him but since WOTLK I do only see crap after crap.I do hope Blizzard doesn't put him in Diablo 3 team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vettori View Post
    What's most worrying is the fact that they implied the DK tanking model is the best.
    It is. With threat not being an issue tanking would be pretty boring in the future, if every tank is a passive mitigation tank. So, active mitigation wins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongoose19 View Post
    Rofl indeed making game easier so we can carry casuals/bads. But one day we, the good players will be all gone and nothing will save this game.
    Well all ye water cooler hard cores will obviously have to move on to a game that can truly challenge you. I just love message boards for the boasting the comes across, trouble is I can never connect these people with those who I see in the top tier guilds. I wonder why.

    As for the change, don't count your chickens before they hatched. They promised to make healing "more challenging" and all they did was piss off a large number of people which yanked a lot of healers out of the queues. If their prior history is anything to go by they will screw this up too and queues will stretch even longer.

    The game should be about fun. If you want a challenge then stick to heroic raids, which I seriously doubt many of you boasters even participate in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashblond View Post
    That's why Blizzard made this change - to make all tanking more challenge and engaging by active mitigation and cooldown management, instead of the current passive, what you called "EASY as hell", tanking.

    So why are you complaining???
    Because its all the non-tank tank experts who are complaining. The water cooler hard cores type before they think.
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    cool, now my grandma can play wow. she just need to choose one dps class select whatever target and press 1 2 3 whenever she want. oh well, move sometimes...

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    I understand what Blizzard are trying to do, and as a main tank in my raid guild I don't mind the idea of it. However, what is to stop dungeons and hc dungeons now just becoming an AOE fest like they were in WOTLK if they buff threat this much?

    If threat doesn't matter at ALL, dps will want me to pick up 10 mobs at a time so they can just be AOE'd down.

    Am I missing something, can someone explain if I am?


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    i find the reasoning behind those developers opnions to be faulty at best, and smak of ignorance at worst.

    1. Threat is one of the ways you control a fight, all those meter whoring (sorry, there can be no other definition) DPS complaining that they can't open with their most powerful alphas at the start of the fight, learn to look beyond your egos and the meters, a good dps isn't the guy at the top of the meters, it's the guy who does all the dps he can WHILE NOT PULLING AGGRO. abilities like cower, feign death, feint and vanish exist for a reason.
    2. you can't have pro active tanking without reactive healing, at this time 99% of all healing is def not reactive, you can't wait for a tank to take damage in a fireland raid because by the time you'll react and cast your spell as a healer the tank is a. back at full health, b. took another hit requiring a more powerful heal/cooldown, c. dead. proactive tanking either requires smoothing down the damage curve (which was promised as the model for cataclysm and then vanished into thin air) or shifting most healing to the prayer of mending/seed of life model (with hots to provide steady health returns regrdless of situation).

    once again blizzard is trying to fix a problem resulting from poor skills for the dps player by dumpnig the responsiblity on the tank of the group, if dps are bad at aggro management, LET THEM DIE, they'll either learn to manage aggro or pay with their pockets (IE, repair bills). or, if you really want to solve the problem, have a series of quests/side dungeons where you FORCE the player to learn to manage their threat (and their other abilities, i haven't seen a single dps interrupting in a dungeon for a week now, across 3 tanking characters and 2 healers)
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    all this community does is shouting and whining,but you all love it all this drama don't you

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    As a "hobby tank" I'm not really looking forward to "active mitigation". But since I only tank 5mans anyway it shouldn't concern me that much.

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    I play all classes but druid as a tank (since vanilla, LK for my DK btw) and I think it's a poor decision by Blizzard. Now, tanking will be even more boring than before. I pity paladins tanks the most, a specialization that was already soporific as hell.

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    Am I the only one who thinks "threat" shouldn't be something to worry about? It's quite boring.. tanks deserve more challenging things to think about, this change probably makes it easier to design raid bosses etc.

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    Invisible, vanish and feign death exist so mages, rogues and hunters don't have to pay repairs. Shame on you if you think they should be used for anything else. Letting people in your group die because they rip threat isn't ever an alternative for me. I don't have time to 'teach people a lesson' because they can't tell a skull from a star. I actually don't like the fact that people won't be able to rip threat. It was slightly challenging having to use taunt for something other than tank swaps. Intervene now becomes a tool for warriors to get charge in for more rage instead of a tool to save someone's ass? Mayhaps blizz has something really interesting planned for future raid or instance bosses to keep tanks busy, but otherwise I don't understand it...

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