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    As someone who tanks on all four tanking classes at 85, happens to love tanking (even with the Cata growing pains), and has an average iLevel of 355 with none higher than 359, I have to say, I'm disappointed in this change. One of the funniest part of tanking was having to actually pay attention to save someone's ass if they got over-zealous or to catch the group of adds running in, or even dealing with struggling to keep aggro with that BA DK, hunter, or mage who were threat magnets in randoms. While I'm not going to outright condemn this change and call it the end of the world, I will simply say I find it disappointing. Besides the tanking aspect, I also DPS and heal (I've an 85 of every class in 344+ gear), now I have a greater chance of getting a bad tank because they don't know their class. The plus side to that is perhaps now even with a bad tank I can finish randoms on my DPS and healers without washing out because there's a fail tank. Hmm... I guess I'll wait and see and reserve judgment a few nights.

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    Makes me want to try tanking again. I'm a clicker and not a keyboard operator so it is sometimes difficult for me to pick up adds. boss fights I have no problems with just adds. If this helps with adds I think I will try tanking again.

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