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    Nothing but good can come from the threat change further down the road, unfortunately they are just buffing threat atm and that is it. But the new model is when things may get fun, a change like that may not be enough to get me back playing but its in the right direction. Keep changing up some of the shittier parts of the trinity system, and perhaps the trinity system in WoW would be enjoyable enough to bear, instead of just waiting for all the next gen MMOs. Honestly if you can't imagine it being done right, you lack imagination, yes Blizzard could screw up, but you can say they change of threat from WotLK to Cata was a screw up up too, or before they made they change if u happened to like it dismissed as garbage before you have even seen it.

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    Will this vengeance change affect how Prot specs fair in pvp in any way?

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    Quote Originally Posted by slappy102 View Post
    Is the 16 stack removal on Rhyolith on heroic too?
    Think it's all out normal mode I believe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Resentful View Post
    Think it's all out normal mode I believe
    I don't think so, otherwise why would they specify normal on some of the points but not others.

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    PTR has two new build pushes out today... 14333 -> 14492 than an hour later 14492 -> 14505. I'm sure boub will post about that once he wakes up...
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    Sweet stuff! Like the change to how fast vengeance will build up.

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    It's ironic they're changing threat for tanks because it's not the issue behind the lack of tanks at all. Decent tanks never had an issue holding aggro, even in early cata. The problem comes when tanks want to progress. You could be the best possible class for a tank (paladin) with decent gear and a good rep while trying to app to a decent guild, you'd have a very very hard time finding a guild that would take you. The problem is tanks just don't scale compared to dps. 1 for 5 mans, 2 for 10 mans, maybe 3 for 25 mans. Now, if this actually scaled correctly, 25 man content would need 5 tanks to maintain a good ratio (5 tanks, 15 dps, and 5 healers but it doesn't work that way) Most guilds are doing 25 man content because it's easier and gives more loot. They already have their 3 tanks setup. Tanks have no place in pvp as well, only pve. So, once a tank finishes his 5 man grind, where does he go? On the shelf.

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    The threat change right now is dumb by itself (since threat is an absolute joke if you know what the taunt button is and how to use it quickly before the attack even hits the player when they pull threat).It'll be nice in heroic randoms I guess but I'd rather not see tanks with an absolutely awful rotation or ones only hitting buttons every 3 seconds due to terrible reflexes do okay on threat.After the active migitation change I'll be totally happy with it, but right now it's pretty dumb by itself. If you're struggling with threat atm, learn to taunt (seriously, I can keep threat off the best DPS with taunts as a fresh 85 - maybe not as a bear druid but every other class).

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    I wanna be in a group with that Dippy Bird!

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    Bravo to these tank changes! More tanks = lower queue times. Plus I reckon tanks needed some PvP love.

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    The nerf to Rhyolith normal was needed. With your average raiding guild (that has no heroic T11 gear, some MF items, and/or T1/T2 heroics stuff), Rhyolith was a lot harder than he ought to have been, particularly on 10-man.
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    Threat generation for all tanks has been increased to 500%, up from 300%. This applies to warriors in Defensive Stance, death knights in Blood Presence, druids in Bear Form, and paladins with Righteous this real!? a 200% increase on threat?! I thought they were doing a joke one like rouges getting super-stealth last april fools. I haven't seen exactly how much this will be noticeable ingame, but the comic SOUNDS like what would happen.

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    Basically it would be easier to tank at 1st but from what I heard as new content comes out migration and other important tanking factors will play a larger role. This isnt really a bad thing if you look at it like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feuergeist View Post
    I don't think so, otherwise why would they specify normal on some of the points but not others.
    Doing heroic rhyo now and its still only going by 10's... anyone doing normal rhyo and can confirm 16?

    How many blizzard employees does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
    None, its working as intended!

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    I literally just tanked a heroic HOR , with nothing but devastate and auto attacks for the most part except on bosses I opened with a shield bash. My TPS was around 30k within a sec and topped out around 60k ... This just ruined my fun as a war.

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    I say and repeat always, the problem with tanking isn't a design one. Either way is fine by me. The problem is that the majority of the players are lazy-asses, that associate being DPS to get it easy. I have 3 Tanks, and I'm struggling to play ONE, because I see bad Damage dealers not CCing, breaking CC, using full PvP gear on Zandalari, doing less damage than myself, even with that Vengeance nerf. General Knowledge that DPS is the easy path to go must be eliminated, because it's not anymore. Damage Dealers responsibilities are increasing with each change. This change in Threat isn't eliminating the responsibilities, it's shifting to damage dealers, and they must acknowledge they have to know they classes, and look for references and news outside the game to improve themselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaosbubba View Post
    Doing heroic rhyo now and its still only going by 10's... anyone doing normal rhyo and can confirm 16?
    There is a typo in the MMO-C post: That change is specific to normal mode only. All of the other changes are both normal and heroic modes unless otherwise specified.

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    That comic made my day )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Worgoblin View Post
    Bravo to these tank changes! More tanks = lower queue times. Plus I reckon tanks needed some PvP love.
    while the tanking changes are nice to shorter queue times, you other of the comment is stupid, tanks does not need any pvp love this is why pvp sucks so much in wow, blizz should just add another talent tree for pvp only, and balance around that talent instead of all 30 current talents.

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