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    So, is anyone else more pissed about intrusive talking adds on the MMO-Champion page than the fact that this expansion is turning out to be the shortest and worst expansion ever (just imo)

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    we, we, we so excited

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    Bitch Bitch Bitch Bitch Bitch Bitch

    Man that's ALL people can do.

    Buncha entitled pussies.

    If people actually payed fucking attention they would remember blizzard said this was going to be a rather short expansion compared to wrath.

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    that is just so effin awesoooooomeeee

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    Quote Originally Posted by masterprtzl View Post
    So, is anyone else more pissed about intrusive talking adds on the MMO-Champion page than the fact that this expansion is turning out to be the shortest and worst expansion ever (just imo)
    Get AdBlock, son.

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    Well this is just a fuckload of bullshit. WotA as a fucking DUNGEON?! Are they kidding me? I normally don't bitch about patches and whatnot, but this was such a huge fucking let-down. SHAME on you Blizz!

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    So, the Deathwing raid comes out and we run that for a year, until the next xpac comes out ?

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    The whole point of the short expansion is the people who qq-ed on the forums, becouse of them blizzard promised us faster expansions.
    So they give us what we wanted and you people still qq about it..

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    wow this is a big surprise - last content patch for Cata before next addon if i remember right the last content patch for WotLK came only two months before Cata!

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    When will we know the details on the transmogrifier? Like can it be done to weapons, only change to gear you own? Etc etc.

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    Who says anything about Deathwing even being the last raid we're gunna get in Cataclysm. I think they will reveal N'zath and probably he'll be the last raid of the expansion.

    Cataclysm has been very different to WOTLK and BC because it revolved around the current world instead of expanding out. Its a transitional expansion and shouldnt be compared to Wrath or Burning Crusade.

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    Honestly I'm quite disappointed by much of this. All lock will now be going around in tier 6. It pretty much allows blizz to make any half-assed looking armour sets they want cos people will probably just use their favourite old tier set for looks anyway :/ The Deathwing raid had better be pretty damn epic to justify them releasing 3 new 5-mans, and like some previous posters have pointed out, Cata has had far less raid bosses than other expansions, they just overdid the first tier when people had 0 gear, they should have made the first tier smaller and firelands bigger imo. Void storage, hardly exciting is it, really?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squeezus View Post
    How is this rushed content? You have no idea how long they have been working on it. And all signs point to this being how the timeline was planned out at least as of a year and a half ago. The only change was moving Firelands back a patch and getting rid of AM all together.
    well, AM gone is disappointment.
    There also was supposed to be CoT raid, War of the Ancients, its nowhere to be seen (yet)
    They also said with 4.1 patch, that they will make more smaller patches more often. Where are those patches?
    Not to mention, if the timeline was planned months and months ago, and the only change was FL pushed back, then were they seriously planning 4.0 > FL raid > DW raid > new expansion? I really hope not, because that would be huge disappointment to me

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    not gonna lie i'm extremely disappointed by this news, this whole expansion feels rushed, and without even attempting to further storylines, raid arcs, etc. to make it a true match up expansion to what WotLK was

    everything was going great in Cataclysm up until patch 4.1 where imo everything just went downhill and it was rushed patch after rushed patch

    Valor was a challenge to get, tier gear was worth the struggle, raids pushed limits on what you knew in game/your classes skill
    So I heard you like to QQ...
    I didn't know you played a Mage

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    I love how people spew some vitriol about Cata not having as much content as other expansions. If you really look at it, it's probably better this way.

    For starters, Cata is a 5-level expansion. We got five new zones (I mean zones you can experience at any time, unlike Gilneas/Kezan), a good number of dungeons, and some of the craziest raid encounters ever seen. But to think that you'd want to stay at 85 for a year and a half from now is pretty crazy to me. Assuming 4.3 comes later this year, do you really want another ICC? As much as I hate to reference the product slate and kill a kitten, I do think Cata's got about a year to go. And like Gurbz said, six months per tier would mean ~4 months more of Firelands, then 6 for Deathwing, then new expansion. Six months is a pretty good number.

    And yes, you can complain about not getting a WotA raid all you want. I'll admit, I was looking forward to that too. Same with the Abyssal Maw. But note that the only time they really talked about WotA is at Blizzcon last year. They even said, frequently, that their plans were subject to change. It's not Word of God or anything, people. They tell you their plans at the time, make that disclaimer, but you still take it as fact. Stop doing that.

    Also, 3 tiers per expansion still isn't that far-fetched. Classic and BC had three numbered tiers. You could even say Wrath did as well, with how short T9 was. They had in-between tiers of course: AQ for Classic, SWP for BC, ToC for Wrath (haha). So if T13 is the final Cata tier, you can't say there's no precedent.

    Finally, Deadmedic, I know you're probably having fun with counting bosses and such, but let's be honest here: Would you rather have 20 bosses which are little more than tank-and-spank, or 5 which offer you complex mechanics and a real challenge? Quality over quantity.

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    Holy wasted opportunity Batman! Transmogrifier...meh. I guess there's enough people out there that want to have the look of old gear, but this just doesn't get me excited. I expect restrictions on PVP gear to be announced soon. Void Gear only? Strips enchants and gems? So our banks/bags will still be full of current off-set gear and we will put what in there exactly? Trinkets and jewelry? Looking for raid...huh? Will it work with cross-realm grouping? That'd be huge for recruiting off-server players for the high end guilds. Or you could run older content with friends who might be able to help you get elusive kills/achievements that your guild won't actively pursue. There's some possibilities, but I don't really see it being beneficial beyond BH runs right now. Three 5-mans...ok. War of the Ancients would have been better off as a raid in my mind, but seeing as only a small group went back in time originally, I guess that makes sense lore-wise. As for the other two, they better not be revamps. Maybe WotA will be like the ICC 5-mans and we'll have a continuing story through out the dungeons. People still like lore, right? T13 as the end of Cataclysm...Blizzard is worried about the competition. 4.3 will go live before the end of the year; around mid-November to early-December. I wouldn't be surprised if they hold it until a week before SWTOR or GW2 to keep the top guilds from "exploring" a new game. Most "Top-10 guilds" on each server will probably push Deathwing fast enough for their players not to miss out on the opening weeks of whatever new game 4.3 is meant to counter. I think "ending" Cataclysm in 12 months is a bit fast, but I guess we'll be left with some plot lines to push us into 5.0 and beyond (Old Gods, Naga, political tensions, healing the world). It seems like Blizzard actually wants to follow a 18 month expansion cycle, which I believe will help keep WoW relevant longer as the "next generation" of MMOs come out.

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    I'm pleased with these changes but not satisfied yet. I want more.

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    [QUOTE=Deadmedic;12769581]so lets count this out, for raids.

    Classic WoW, all outdoor, 10, 20 and 40 mans included 73 bosses, you can even boil that down to 50 if you just count the Tier raids.
    BC, all outdoor, 10 and 25 mans included 52 bosses.
    WotLK, not counting heroics, had 53 bosses

    Cata, not counting heroics, 21


    Not really all that relevant.
    Remember Naxx was an entire reskin, nothing new, can you really count Naxx twice?
    You are listing em as Vanilla bosses ánd as Wrath, eventho the bosses where the same.
    So thats -11 or something.
    Onyxia, same story.
    Then there was ToC, 5 bosses using the same room to fight in count as full?
    I'd say again -4 but thats up to you.

    Even at the bare minimum, counting all the ToC bosses, you have Wrath at 41 'new' bosses.
    Deathwing will prolly have around 10, so they will likely hit 30+ anyway.
    Sure, its not a whole lot but most if not all the cata bosses up till now have been using 'new concepts' right?
    Wrath still had a lot of tank and spank stuff, cata bosses are way more appealing.

    New expansion announced this blizzcon, release spring next year.
    Not the end of the world, main concern should be whats next.
    We did the whole 'change the world forever!!!', so now what?

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    They just release the official statement, and weapons are covered

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drachman View Post
    Who says anything about Deathwing even being the last raid we're gunna get in Cataclysm. I think they will reveal N'zath and probably he'll be the last raid of the expansion.
    Go back to page 18 and you can see some quotes I posted from the the kotaku article. The final one being the following "This will be the last patch that includes new raid content for The Cataclysm expansion, Chilton said. But there will be another expansion, he added, he's just not ready to talk about it yet.".

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