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    How is this rushed content? You have no idea how long they have been working on it. And all signs point to this being how the timeline was planned out at least as of a year and a half ago. The only change was moving Firelands back a patch and getting rid of AM all together.

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    Oh my god.

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    Nothing new really to add from the article boubouille, you've covered all the information there. The only thing I'd say is that they state the new instances are "completely new areas", so not a rehash like ZG/ZA, or the example they used, AQ.

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    omgomgomgomg evil t5 warlock muahahaha, shark warriorz and shiny t3 druidz yummmmmm

    edit: also next exp planned 03/06 of 2012 as on leaked schedule, no surprises

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    The Abyssal Maw dungeon is gone for the moment, the storyline wasn't convincing enough/fitting. ahaha, like they really give a shit about that, it was too much work, hence they ditched it

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    War of the ancients raid was the thing I was looking forward to most as a bit of a Lore Geek. A bit gutted that it won't happen

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    I must farm for T5 priest armor and fast!

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    I really get mixed feelings.
    - the appearance is awesome but in PvP one will be fucked...
    - 4.3 being Deathwing so the patch comes out like nov/dec 2011 and next expansion a year after? It better have 40 bosses...
    - New 5mans - awesome. Those in ICC were great too. However I hope they add normal/heroic version and the HC one is really tuned for like 375+ people.

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    Time for some T6 raid farming

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    This will be so retarded so we get an expansion that lasts for Wat 1 year??? if this is the last patch Cata will get then i will recall all the bad words that i ever said about Wotlk .
    The best mmo on the market is starting to look like a god damn joke.

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    OMG OMG OMG!!!! new 5 mans! HECK YEAH! T12 that I can make look like my T6.... HECK YEAH! Killing Deathwing... HECK YEAH! my only hope is that none of the new 5mans is rehashed content like a redone Kara or something like that

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    OMFG! This is going to be the best thing to ever come to world of warcraft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Best patch !!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lichiz View Post
    WTF IS THIS SHIT? This is it. I've been faithfull tpo your shitty game for 6 years now and this goes too far. Subscription cancelled!


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    I'm really not too surprised about the Deathwing raid being here...timing made sense. Personally, I am glad to see these new features. Maybe they're finally listening

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    I somehow hope that there will be something bout Garrosh (as villain?) in the patch after deathwing. Or maybe another Ruby Sanctum.

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    Me don't wan't tooo SOOON DON'T , :MAKE IT STOP

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    there are more comments the very moment i try to post this one, i hope i'm not mentioning something already said but:
    Welche Gegenstände dort eingelagert werden können, wieviel ein Bankfach dort kosten wird und ob diese Gegenstände dann auch den anderen Charakteren des Spielers zur Verfügung stehen, dass wird in der nächsten Zeit noch entschieden werden.
    In the near future we have to decide how many items can be stored, how much a banktab will cost and wether those items will be available for other characters of the player.

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    So 2 of their previous raid ideas are either gone or now 5 mans. For content this expansion has been utter tripe. If they do not make the Deathwing instance amazing, and not a collection of 7 bosses that feature incredibly frustrating mechanics, then Cataclysm will have failed.

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