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    Quote Originally Posted by Sting View Post
    Ehr, if my crappy German is right, this means that Ahn'Qiraj isn't completely off the table yet, but they were assured it would be a completely new instance? Could this hint that one of the new 5 mans is a completely new AQ dungeon (AQ5)?

    Your translation is correct.

    It will be a completely new design with new bosses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hey View Post
    guess they're skipping the ToC style raid
    TBH Firelands is more or less like ToC raid - and whole Molten Front seems like Argent Tournament - except i had more fun back then.

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    What is up with people yelling it's a short expansion. These are just announcements as far as I know and there isn't even a release date for 4.3, neither do we know for how long they are gonna go with 4.3 before they release the next expansion. Let's 4.2 stays for 6 months, and 4.3 as well. Then you will still have an expansion with the timespan of a bit more then 1.5 years. Which isn't that much shorter as WOTLK.

    Woohoo for Void Storage though, I'm gonna get so much space in my bank now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocheku View Post
    FUCK YES. FUCK YES. FUCK YES.I almost jumped out of my window out of enjoyment for the Transmogrifier info. This is gonna be fucking epic. Mix and matching armor I don't suppose it will cover weapons aswell, but we'll see. Atleast this is a huge step in the right direction to increase character costumization and decrease fucking clones all over the place.
    Just to put this in to perspective, it is NOT A WARDROBE.

    Each time you replace your weapons, you will have to re-farm your warglaves.

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    Blizzard is definitely gearing up for it's new MMO. Lots of things are being changed/implemented in their games. I'm certain it's to just test features for their killer new game. Fingers crossed it's worth it in the end. -Theo

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    i dont get why people complain this was too short of an expansion. figure were AT LEAST 1 month probly more til 4.3 goes live. that puts 4.3 around late September mabey October. We'll say 2 months of 4.3 for a decent part of the population to even get to Deathwing and oh look it's suddenly December 2011. 1 year from Cataclysms release....prettt good mileage from an expansion.

    Now if we go by the leaked timeline from a while back (which has so far been fairly accurate) we'll see the next expansion (likely panderia) during 2nd quarter of 2012. If theres plenty of leadin to Panderia (god there better be to make that work) we could see 5.0 starter patches in March or April

    Who's to say there wont be another content patch after 4.3. Blizzard could add a whole new raid that doesnt even tie into the packs theme well if at all . (see sunwell). Or a storyline raid and some dungeons to clean up lose ends is possible as well, still got plenty of story they can make with those pesky old gods after all

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vasz View Post
    Just to put this in to perspective, it is NOT A WARDROBE.

    Each time you replace your weapons, you will have to re-farm your warglaves.

    so every time I get an upgrade I have to refarm T6? That would be epic fail..........

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    with all due respect, how do we KNOW deathwing is the last boss in this expansion back and not say, Nzoth?

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    Gonna see all shamans in tier 3, you know it.

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    Here Star Wars..Star Wars..Star Wars..Star Wars Come To Daddy

    Seems like Blizzard is really running out of idea´s

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zorgen View Post
    And the award for shortest expansion in WoW history goes to..
    And the award for the worst expansion in WoW history goes to..

    Seriously... everyone freaking out about transmorf thinking it's the worst thing ever is making me laugh IRL. Also, of course they want the new expansion to come out fast. Both because they promised faster expansions, and more-so because clearly people hate this one. WoW has never bled subs this fast so they want to try to stop that as quickly as possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nisala View Post
    How on earth does an expansion "only" lasting a year equate to a bad expansion? Since when was a long time span a necessary condition of a good expansion? The only "god damn joke" appears to be your stance at the moment - since you've failed to substantiate it in any meaningful way.
    Instead of releasing 4 raid tiers we get 3 instead. This makes the value of paying the same price for the cata expansion vs wotlk much worse. It also gives me pause when considering purchasing the next expansion at the usual expansion price. Perhaps people don't want to pay for expansions faster than they used to. Are you a shareholder? The only people in favor of less content for the same price would be shareholders.

    I do however think that they kept people in ICC for far too long. That ruby sanctum was a joke and really they should have launched cata much sooner but they got caught in a release window around xmas being more important than actually giving people a new expansion. This probably had a lot to do with the focus on revamping the leveling experience and trying to draw in new subs. I dont think they were very successful with that endeavor. Still its 4 tiers vs 3. Cant argue that this is a worse value.

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    Having my pvp gear look like my T6 might just make me come back....Maybe.

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    Looks like Blizzard's timeline is holding up. The next expansion is scheduled for Q2 of next year which sounds right if they end up releasing the Deathwing raid sometime around November/December.

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    Gonna see all shamans in tier 3, you know it.
    My shaman will be back to tier 9.
    People take stupidity to a whole new level when they sit in front of a computer. Um blog para quem prefere jogos multiplayer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baikalsan View Post
    Your translation is correct.

    It will be a completely new design with new bosses.
    Well then, seems the second new dungeon is AQ5. I wonder what the third will be...

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    A little dissapointing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by s-zilla View Post
    Ripping off RIFT's wardrobe feature after saying they wouldn't do this because they didn't want players to alter the way their armor looked. That's why they rolled back the cloak modifications associated with gnomer / dark spear, and why they changed the MC engineer enchant graphic changing the way your helm looked. Then we get this : /. Flip flop express. All it really ends up being is another timesink for people to go back and farm old raids for gear.

    My call for the 'new' 5 mans are going to be heroic gnomer, heroic blackrock depths, and heroic scholo. I'm just waiting until they announce we can just buy gold and wow items with real life currencies.
    just an FYI: Rift didn't start that 'wardrobe feature'
    DC Universe Online already had it before Rift did
    Go away, or I shall taunt you a second time!

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    tbh as long as the merge all the 5 mans with a hidden ilvl requ all giving 1540 vp i dont midd i dont want 3 dungeons to run for max vp gaimn till the next xpac comes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dejohn View Post
    Still its 4 tiers vs 3. Cant argue that this is a worse value.
    Idk, I really hated Trial of the Crusader... not sure if it would've been better without but it definitely was a design flaw.

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