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    Quote Originally Posted by xSaix View Post
    They're getting rid of abyssal maw? >:
    They're getting rid of something that doesn't exist, yes.
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    abysmal maw will probably come back like zul aman in 4.4i don't mind if they broke it up into as a series of dungeons like the ice crown 5mans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eixel View Post
    Wonder if we can change our PVP gear looks...
    Plz no...
    I like being able to tell if i'm going to get my ass kicked.

    overall.. idk how i feel about this..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyskato View Post
    Is it bad that I think that Draenei fan art is really hot?
    fap fap fap

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ahrima View Post
    Wow, copying Guild Wars 2 before it even releases! Niiiice.
    don't be daft, people have been requesting similar on the forums for years. Hardly copying another game if you've been getting it as a suggestion from players prior to the other game even being announced.
    Quote Originally Posted by Grimora88 View Post
    Vendor turns around, "Yes, can I hel-"
    Vendor looks thoroughly confused, "Ma'am I'll gladly buy it if you just cal-"
    Worgen female headbutts the vendor, dumps her backpack on him, robs him, and merrily hop-skips away.

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    Void storage isn't a cross server bank. All I can say is bahaha.

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    bold move indeed.. hopefully the deathwing raid will be the best they've made so far to justify it being the last tier(hopefully)

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    Awww, I can have a pink sword and a pink chainmail and...

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    Google translator but worth the shot right?

    We are here for you at the Gamescom in Cologne and just with Tom Chilton, Lead Game Developer and Chris Robinson, lead art director for an interview, in which there were many new details about patch 4.3. And Blizzard's announcement that it is a really thick patch does not appear to be exaggerated.

    Because with Patch 4.3 we do not expect more than the Deathwing Raid. So we will probably later this year to wrestle with the issue of death and it certainly can expect a truly epic raid experience. The raid, which we had originally expected, the Abyssal Maw was, however, removed from the concept to convince there, Chilton, the setting and the story could not.

    Furthermore, this will certainly look forward even more players, there will be three completely new instances. These will include no warm old content, but really completely new and very demanding to be instances. One of them, as far as hinted Chilton will be back in the caves which date back to the player and return it to an old place can be. Ahn'Quiraj is therefore still on the table, it was us but assured that it will act, too, is a completely new design with all-new enemies and bosses. (pic)
    What's up with the Transmogrifizieren about? We will clarify on!

    And now we come to the dream, which many players have stated repeatedly and with patch 4.3 will be finally coming true. And we can now reveal the secret of the three astral in Stormwind. Because the river will keep Transmogrifizieren in World of Warcraft. What's this? Nothing other than the opportunity to give your current armor the appearance of old armor, while preserving the values. It will be finally introduced the possibility to change the look of our characters. There are some things to consider.

    First, we are only able to change armor class of our armor. This means that you can convert only one plate armor plate armor. Furthermore, you will only pieces of armor to choose which of your class are intended. Death knight warriors in armor, it will not work. And finally, is still considering whether the armor pieces that are available for change, must have been earned himself once. That would mean that we will experience a big run on the old instances, because certainly some players then there are farming their dream armor.

    The Voidstorage was explained to us. It is a very, very large bank, which put in her ancient armor and thus can keep forever. This is intended to provide in the bank and the player's inventory for more space. What items can be stored there, how much will it cost a bank specialist there and whether these items then the other characters of the player are available, that will be decided in the coming period.

    All in all, there really seems to announce a huge patch. A raid, three completely new instances, optical armor adjustments and still has a lot more to come at us. What do you think? Are you happy with these announcements? What instances would you wish for you and what you think Transmogrifizieren? We are very excited about what you think!

    The video of the interview is currently still in the cut and we will inform you immediately of course, if it's there! Until then, enjoy debate
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    Wha wha whaaaaat? I mean, the armor stuff, great, fantastic, awesome.... I cannot wait for that. But really? Deathwing raid... already? Maybe I'm the only one that feels this way but isn't it a little... soon?

    I'm used to "five-ish phases" of raiding typically. See Wrath: Naxx et al, Uldum, TotC, Lich king, Ruby Sanctum. Or even Burning Crusade: Karazhan et. all, The Eye and etc, Caverns of time, The Black Temple... and then Sunwell. That was five. This was barely one, one and a half, and then... three??

    Heck, I just noticed that today a year ago I was beta testing Cataclysm. It wasn't even released yet. So.... Blizzcon is gonna be them announcing the new expansion, obviously, and beta prep for that....Like I said, I'm really surprised.

    Suppose they're trying ot get more buck out of their bang? Or are they going to try to push the Deathwing raid to whenever SWTOR is announced, I wonder?
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    Gonna be awesome for RPers. Gonna have to go get some more grey gear like the Twill pieces if you do have to own the pieces to make it work xD

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    So, 4.3 for December 2011, and next expansion for December 2012, right? Is it just me or does this expansion feel really lack lustre for raids. Started out well enough with BWD and BoT, nose dived into a seven boss raid after 6-7 months of no new content (as one player put it, six new models and a pair of legs), and no doubt another single raid instance with single digit boss fights after another very long wait. Where's all the content? In Vanilla we saw more content from a less experienced Dev team with what I assume was a more limited budget (given that subscribers weren't as numerous). TBC we saw double digit bosses in multiple instances up until the end with SWP. The the decline began in WotLK, first Naxx resurrected (boring), redeemed for a while by Ulduar, then the abortion that was ToC, and finally ICC after a long wait, and it was around for faaaar too long.So many paying customers but so little return...

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    Noes, I want my mail set to look like the ZA Leather set (from BC)!!

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    WTF IS THIS SHIT? This is it. I've been faithfull tpo your shitty game for 6 years now and this goes too far. Subscription cancelled!

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    "The Abyssal Maw dungeon is gone for the moment, the storyline wasn't convincing enough/fitting."Doesn't sound right. Opinions anybody?

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    Quote Originally Posted by randomone05 View Post
    hurray! more rushed content! rejoice!
    Rushed content, are you kidding me? We have had 1 new raid (with only seven bosses) since December last year. RIFT has had 5 so far, and they have 1/10 of the subs/income. And now they are scrapping The Abyssal Maw dungeon.

    It's like they promised us diamonds and give us a hand full of horse shit.
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    I wanna see the tards from the other thread saying that the info came from "an obscure german site". I wanna see their tears. ASAP.

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    Expect a daily blink comic along the lines of people complaining about getting facerolled by people "apparently" only wearing T .5 gear. Can you even get some of that older Tier gear anymore? I'm all for it. Rock on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oneirophobia View Post
    Dungeon 1: Heroic Ragefire Chasm. Dungeon 2: Heroic Wailing Caverns. Dungeon 3: War of the Ancients. lulz.
    and you just know you'll still get lost in Wailing Caverns..

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    Ripping off RIFT's wardrobe feature after saying they wouldn't do this because they didn't want players to alter the way their armor looked. That's why they rolled back the cloak modifications associated with gnomer / dark spear, and why they changed the MC engineer enchant graphic changing the way your helm looked. Then we get this : /. Flip flop express. All it really ends up being is another timesink for people to go back and farm old raids for gear.

    My call for the 'new' 5 mans are going to be heroic gnomer, heroic blackrock depths, and heroic scholo. I'm just waiting until they announce we can just buy gold and wow items with real life currencies.

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