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    Hmm.. Tough one..

    My current gear into.... T2, T4 or T8 *nods* Paladin that is. But still, if I understand it right, you need to own the gear already to make the looks for the current gear... So I have to work hard for that T8
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    Way too early to know exactly how this is going to work...but I likely will stay with current tier

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    How about my pirate RP outfit? HUNTARRRRRRRRRR? Hmmm...I need to find some suitable shoulders though.

    I kinda liked T8.

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    T5 Paladin ^^
    It's not pink it's lightysh red! :P

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    In my opinion if i do have to choose a Tier to wear i think i will go with Valorous Cryptstalker Armorset Tier 7,5. But it is hard to choose since there is many good models. Warlord's Pursuit is also an old time favorite. Never made it to that lvl back in the days but I do think it looks cool. Maybe i even use Giantstalker just for the nostaliga

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    I'll change my xbow into Thori'dal. I'm surprised nobody has brought that up yet, picked it up before wotlk and it's finally gonna get some loving.

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    t6 is the best imo not only for hunters .. , i love it.

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    For my warrior it will be my Full T6 set from BC with Thunderfury and Bulwark of Azzinoth

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    Full Paladin Tier 2 with Thunderfury & the shield from Chromaggus :3
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    I think its pretty obvious all paladins are changing their current gear either into Judgement or Lightbringer.

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    DW thunderfury as smf spec
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    It's a tough choice for me between the season one pvp set, T5, or T11.

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    I will probably start farming for the Ulduar off pieces, aka black t8. Aw yeaa

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    Can you use the system with weapons? If so totally grabbing a full t8 set for my hunter, and t2 for my rogue
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    You can do ranged weapons, I like the current tier, t11 and t 1-2, but the real thing I like are the bows:

    There are many, many more bows that look awesome, that'll be the hardest decision.
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    Tier 6 hands down.

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    Priest = T5 easily - best looking armor set ever! Otherwise perhaps the Primal Moocloth Set or T2 set, they were pretty nice too!

    Hunter = Much harder choice. Giantstalker (T1), Dragonstalker (T2) and Gronnstalker (T6) were all pretty sweet sets. Weaponwise I think I will have to go old-school. Dragonbreath Hand Cannon, Rhok'delar or maybe Lohn'goron, Bow of the Torn-Heart (if we dont need the item itself!)?

    DB Hand Cannon


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    Since my hunter is a bloodelf i wanna get all that sweet looking sunwell gear again

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    T5, though I will look odd with my boots, and I won't have a head on because there is NO good looking mail headpiece. I wish we could use leather heads, as the illidan headpiece for rogues looks awesome.

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    this is the hunter thread section

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