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    Took me a while to get the weapon. (can barely see it in this pic though)

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    Not too focused on transmorg atm due to gearing up but I enjoy killing some horde looking like this

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    Decided to try for a pit fighter kind of look, came out pretty decent.

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    Here's the MM one I came up with.

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    As a panda or any race with thick arms, what bothers me about bows are that the bowstring goes straight through my arm. Its literally tilting to look at and I have to tmog to guns or cbows.

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    dark ranger, still not sure about the bow

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    Swapped to Dark Iron Dwarf to try for for M+

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    Decided to go with a heavy Alliance seafarer look. It'd probably look better on a human, but I'm pretty happy with it even on my velf.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dphotog View Post
    Swapped to Dark Iron Dwarf to try for for M+
    Replace head for something visible like engi gogg's or eye patch and its perfect...

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    Here's one of my many hunters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by habitsbreaker View Post
    dark ranger, still not sure about the bow

    Vengful Gladiator's Longbow? It's a little darker, more like a pitch black rather than just 'dark'. But it could fit. And I think it looks amazing.
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    Now that I've had time to start working my Hunter for Herbs & Ore to feed my main, here's the mog I'm currently using:

    Beast Master


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalleo View Post
    Could you list those items?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurtwood View Post
    Could you list those items?
    Bartered Vrykul Facemask
    Spaulders of Dark Unity
    Ferocious Gladiator's Chain Armor
    Armbands of the Chosen Dead (Heroic)
    Gauntlets of the Chosen Dead (Heroic)
    Wild Gladiator's Waistguard of Cruelty
    Saberguard's Greaves
    Sabatons of the Chosen Dead (Heroic)
    Gilneas Tabard

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    MogIt probably.

    Going to save this outfit and place on a zandalari.
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    Always changing up my mog, and here's the latest and greatest.

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    Don't really have a screenshot at the moment, so I'll just link to my Armory instead!

    EDIT: Saw you could link to the Armory image, so here that is instead.

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    Rocking this transmog currently on my hunter I am leveling from 110 - 120.. Gloves could be better though so feel free to come with suggestions!

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    Dont take me seriously except when I'm serious.

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