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    I'm still building, core is my Crown of Destruction with a Heartstriker (Thank you Blizzard for allowing me to go Bow on my Dwarf). Combining it with T12 and the Fandral Flamescythe. I know I know, unoriginal. But I love that fire theme.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carlaena View Post
    There must be something to change this awful Madness Polearm into

    I know it's a little cliche, but Hellreaver would work great with that set.

    Good picks, btw.
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    Just like the the Hyper-Vision Goggles for leather users (http://www.wowhead.com/item=23763) are their any just like that with the same color but just for mail users too?

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    Go through the "Same Model as" tab.

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    Just dinged but I will be going for:

    Outrunner's Armor (Azure silk shoulders from Darkmoon) & Ashtail pet + Ice barber spear + Ironfeather Longbow
    Mail Combat Armor & Sambas pet(unobtained) + ??? + ??? (In progress)
    AQ set & (tbd) + ??? + ??? ( In progress)
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    My alt's set - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...habba/advanced

    Because I like the colour gold "cha ching"
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    Boots are fiend slayer boots off Chess event, belt is Girdle of the prowler off illhoof, and Gun is Wolfslayer off Little red riding hood opera event. Tabard is the Argent Dawn tabard.
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    I cba to link my set because it's just typical season 1 + talbuk hunting bow on draenei female, but... GOD DAMN I'M JEALOUS ABOUT THAT IRONHIDE SET...! And as mentioned above, please, people, use those tsunami boots on trolls/worgens/draeneis.

    edit: what the hell, here you go: (too lazy to log in for better picture)

    I would sell my dead grandmother for S1 belt, and could use http://www.wowhead.com/item=36626 if i ever see one in AH (i have done that Q where you can get one with same texture in Zul'Drak couple years ago and sold it so that's not option anymore) Got 2 other bows with same model, but i dont like their texture colors (bow racism?) Got T4 too with off-set pieces (true story: saved them since TBC!) but it's not looking that good on draenei. (because pants stop at knees, tsunami boots wont save it, normal boots look retarded on draenei) Staff is of course http://www.wowhead.com/item=35109 but i'm really happy that we can throw those fucking sticks away on MoP.
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    Great choice for Polearm Transmog is "Black Ice" off Eye of Eternity.

    Its ridiculously large.

    i may not be a hunter main but.....

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    I guess some sets look better but I am too lazy to go farm them out.
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    I've been using the set I have currently equipped for about 6 weeks or so now. Still missing the proper chest (Chestguard of Insidious Intent off Yogg25)
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    feels like every hunter uses the same mog am I the only one who uses lowlvl greens combined with a few raidpieces? DDD

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    I'm leveling my hunter atm and I've been looking around in MogIt (transmog addon, REALLY GREAT) and I've made myself a pretty sweet set.

    I'm not yet sure if I will keep that belt tho and If I'm going to use a helmet.

    Please let me know what you all think about it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by snowcaps View Post
    feels like every hunter uses the same mog am I the only one who uses lowlvl greens combined with a few raidpieces? DDD
    Have you even looked inside this thread?

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    Anyone have suggestions for a red/orange staff that's easier to farm than FL? (FL is easy to farm ,yes, but getting a competent group together for it is a pain).
    It has to be a staff and not a polearm, because I recently upgraded from Reg Kiril to Heroic Spire. But good god is H Spire UUUUGLY. Also, my armor set is red and matches my Tabard of Flame/Vargul Blighthound so a red color scheme is a must. It also has to cover up that stupid enchant because as we all know, whatever color the staff head is will be covered by neon vomit green anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fumu View Post
    Anyone have suggestions for a red/orange staff that's easier to farm than FL?
    Well this is only my opinion but I'd say naxxramas has some pretty awesome staves that might match your set:

    Damnation from KTZ (25)
    Origin of Nightmares from Grobbulus (25) even though it's purple

    Staff of the Plague Beast/ Plaguehound from Heigan (danceboss)/KTZ (10) might also match your set (though red is a pretty vague term without knowing your set tbh )

    And Heigan is very easy soloable, and Grobb 25 is easy duoable so just need to find 1 friend that wants to help you. For KTZ 10 I personally just ask my brothers resto druid and then you can do it too, but for 25 you will most likely need some more people. Though they do not need to have the same 'intelligence' that is required for FL

    But the best tip I can give you is probably:

    icy-veins . com/ transmogrification-hunter-staff-weapon-item-model-list (cannot post links yet so)

    Good luck!

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    I'm using the Vicious Gladiator's set, nice green hunter look.

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