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    so, you can interchange any type of ranged weapon!!!!

    woot!! no more xbows and guns!!

    my lil night elf will forever remain elegant drawing that bowstring

    i've always liked the look of arrowsong, i might go with that. or maybe if i get my hands on the golden bow from sunwell.

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    If I were still playing, I'd go High Warlord armour on my orc warrior.
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    Kinda stupid cant use legendaries with the new transmogrifier tool. Really wanted to use my Thunderfury for tanking : /

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    Quote Originally Posted by rubmyshock View Post
    I'm not sure if you guys have mentioned this yet, but in my opinion this is the greatest bow ever made by Blizzard. Drops off of Eredar Twins in Sunwell.
    EDIT: NVM the link worked.
    ZOMG THANK YOU! I knew there were cooler bows out there, but couldn't for the life of me remember their names! Since we (currently) can't use legendaries, this one will definitely do! Isn't there a more demonic-looking one out there, too?

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    Shammy t6 nontier pieces for my hunter. Hunter with a kilt. Fuck yes. Or sunwell gear.

    Ranged? Course it's gonna be my Rhok. Or Sunfury, that bow has a special place in my heart.

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    Able to Transmorg gear which you not possess or used to have? I mean I've emptied my bank so many timer during the years.

    Man there are so many awesome sets. But I'm going to use Striker's garb for sure. I think :P


    Or I will use some "wood-ish" looking troll tier with Rhok'Delar

    PS: There are some awesome looking bows ingame

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    T5 Shoulders & Legs

    and of course...
    SoNiC SpEaR!!!!!

    oh and for gloves, undecided on boots so far. Might even have to go engineering to get me some sweet goggles lol.

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    all i can think of is this

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    My huntress will sport a mixture of off pieces to Tier 5 and actual pieces. And a chestpiece that oddly fits in with the entire thing. I'll have screens later in the week.

    I am debating what ranged weapon I want though. I love simple guns. Dislike crossbows. And love, love overly pretty bows. ugh, choices! I LOVE IT.
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    I'll pick up random greens and transmogrify into those. Just to be hipster.

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    Dreadnaught and not sure about weapons yet. Too bad legendaries aren't allowed.

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    Most likely t1 and Rhok'delar + Lok'delar. Or finnish of my t2 and go with that instead. Or or or t2.5 :S so many options

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    Definitely Dragonstalker.

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    s9 + black ice + melmortas

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    T5 but most likely T8.

    You can't shake the Devil's hand and say you're only kidding.

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    I'm looking to build a "Pride of Ironforge" set that is based on the colors of the Tabard and Cloak. So I went through all the available sets, compared colors, spent tons of time with the Wowhead 3d viewer and have come to a determination ...

    the best set for it is T12 /facepalm

    That's ok, tho, I like the look ... it just might take longer to put together.

    My big issue now is the weapons to go with it. I want to use the Blunderbuss of Khaz Modan, but it's an odd-man out appearance-wise, and I haven't found a set that works with it. I think I'll bring it along with the T12 anyway unless I find something else in the style.
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    Need to fix a few things, get a Red Polarm and duck into Ulduar for a Gun. But this is the basics :P
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    Sadly I cant use my Legendary bow
    Ill settle for Illidans bow though

    I have every Tier set from 4-11.
    Obviously I wont use T11, and I doubt ill use any WOTLK tier since I used them all not too long ago (except maybe T8, altho the shoulders need to be fixed)

    Im not a fan of T6, and T5 is just okay. I really like T4 though so I might use that

    Most likely ill stay in my Heroic T12 to show it off, and just change my bow/polearm

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