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    low dmg BM Hunter needs Help | PvE raid & dmg improvement

    Hello all,

    my name is røtter and iam playing an ally Beast Master Hunter on Aegwynn. Iam a very casual Player and i know, that out there many better BM Hunter players then me. To this Players: "I need your help".

    First of all: I read all these topics here in the forum and i realize, that many players are screaming for a buff, but in my situation iam pretty sure, that iam lack on dmg because its my own mistake. I am sure i could do much more dmg when i just know what iam doing wrong.

    I am always on the bottom of the damage meter which makes me a bit sad. There is not one single encounter i am under the Top 5 of details! To help the raid, to have a chance to raid mythic in the future and to have a better contribution in WoW my goal is to improve that situation. If you can see any major mistakes please let me know what i should do better and i try to learn it.

    So now the facts:




    Crit: 6776 (27%)
    Haste: 10722 (30%)
    Mastery: 10972 (80%)
    Versatility: 2628 (6%)


    15: Way of the Cobra (Beast Mastery Hunter)
    30: Dire Frenzy (Beast Mastery Hunter)
    45: Posthaste
    60: One with the Pack (Beast Mastery Hunter)
    75: Binding Shot
    90: Volley
    100: Killer Cobra (Beast Mastery Hunter)

    1. Iam using the tool simulationcraft (current version 7.3.0-02) to see my damage potential and getting out a pawn string which helps me with my item decisions.
    The result of simcraft is:
    Røtter : 1268136 dps (Single Target DPS / Patchwork style)
    Ranking Mastery > Crit > Vers ~= Agi > Haste
    Pawn string ( Pawn: v1: "Røtter-BeastMastery": Class=Hunter, Spec=BeastMastery, Agility=24.51, CritRating=28.05, HasteRating=23.08, MasteryRating=34.29, Versatility=24.87 )
    When i compare this result with a guide from icy-veins there is a difference. Simcraft says, that mastery is my mainstat and icy-veins says, that crit and haste are more important.
    What should i trust?

    2. Here are some better logs (from my opinion):
    prefix for logs: w a r c r a f t l o g s . c o m
    Kin'garoth HC overview: /reports/jRtv1XrT2mQAbVHh#fight=18&type=damage-done
    Kin'garoth HC my own logs: /reports/jRtv1XrT2mQAbVHh#fight=18&type=damage-done&source=3

    Varimatrhras HC overview: /reports/jRtv1XrT2mQAbVHh#fight=23&type=damage-done
    Varimathras HC my own logs: /reports/jRtv1XrT2mQAbVHh#fight=23&type=damage-done&source=3

    Shivarra HC overview: /reports/jRtv1XrT2mQAbVHh#fight=28&type=damage-done
    Shivarra HC my own logs: /reports/jRtv1XrT2mQAbVHh#fight=28&type=damage-done&source=3

    All the logs has the same result, iam at the bottom of the damage meter and i dont know why. Please let me know if you can see why. And dont be afraid to be hard to me. When iam doing many failures its ok to let me know.....what counts is, that i have enough information to have the possibility to improve my self.

    best regards

    røtter - aegwynn

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    I'm a pretty casual player myself, so I'm sure there are more reliable sources for accurate/precise info than me. But aside from your not going stomp build, I'm fairly sure it's the T21 stuff you have that's a major factor. I don't think we're supposed to be going for 4pc until they're mythic (or insanely high tf, probably), you should stick to t20 4pc + maybe t21 2pc. It's sucky, I know.

    The stomp build prioritizes crit and haste, and I'm certain that the icy-veins guide specifically states this, as there are two builds up on the guide.

    edit: sent you a pm
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    I am casual bm too. Sick of waiting pug while progress
    Stomp build crit haste
    Dire frenzy build mastery

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    Shootsalot - BM from Ambossar here.
    According to raidbot simulations t20p4+T21p2 with stomp/AOTC build sim near 1.8mill Prydaz and Quapla
    Tried t20-4p with Prydaz and Parsel, sims minimal higher
    Both with Crit/HAste focus
    2pT19+4pT20 is slightly below ~1.75mill

    My last Try in the search for dps war 4p-T20, 2p T21 with a kc Build and higher mastery.
    Didn´t work out that well, sims aroud 1.75 too

    For the easy of Play I´ll continue with Stomp /AOTC Build with Prydaz and Quapla as I tend to loose the Parsel buff, or KC build is stressy while BW.

    My logs seem to be a bit better but that might come from higher rankings.

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    Toss your logs into this website. https://wowanalyzer.com/


    Then click suggestions. There's a handful of playstyle things you need to improve like using Aspect of the Wild during Bestial Wrath, casting cobra shot 30 times while kill command is available, titan's thunder usage, etc. Lots of little things that should push your DPS higher.

    I would read through the guide on icy-veins.com for BM.
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    You have to decide which way you going zoo or DF (DF is kinda pointless with way of the cobra, my suggestion is: swap DF to stomp OR one with the pack to BF and volley to murder of crows, last one for single target)

    Your mastery is low for DF build, your crit is low for a zoo build (and imho t21 is a piece of crap for bm, swap back to t20 if you have, but that is a personal opinion)

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