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    Tier 6 > Tier 8 > Tier 10

    Tier 6 as a dwarf looks awesome. I was Draenei male before so Tier 8 looked really good on that, but not so good on Dwarf, neither does tier 10.

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    AQ40 stormcaller set. Probably BWL trash axes or if I have maces, 2x Lokamir. Fist weapons = Vanir's left/right fists

    Cannot wait!

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    mmmm... it's a big question. Luckily it's not just one answer. :-)

    I will probably be, first thing, dropping the supremely ugly T11 shoulders for my T10. I hate them, they hate me, I'd rather go with my favorites.

    I'm trying to think of cool things for specific slots.

    the Highland Pauldrons (Deifler's Pauldrons) from AB rep will be a cool choice, very shaman-y.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mordret View Post
    Or maybe going to transmogrify into white vendor items for lulz.
    I'd do that just to fuck with annoying raid-gear checkers... lol

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    T12 with T5 helm. Then the 2 fist weapons from hyjal trash

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    Lvling gear from TBC all the way! I'm gonna look like a clown <3
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    Guy example: Dude! I had the craziest shit going on today, I was driving a car with chris and Catherina, suddently it goes all white and these small guys scan us!
    Guy response: What the fuck have you been smoking?

    But if you tell your girlfriend the story she'll hear this: bla bla bla bla catherina bla bla bla
    Response: Who's Catherina?

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    T12 is a beast

    Elemental Main-Spec Pve either T12 or T6, if T13 looks shit
    Restoration Off-spec PvP gonna go with T10
    Enhancement Off-Spec PvE gonna go with T5

    Yes I play them all and yes I enjoy them all

    oh and I rock the kilt <3

    Edit: T8 is pretty beast as well, I forgot about that beast
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    6,752 your welcome shaman

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    Quote Originally Posted by Radux View Post
    Dude.. that Frost Scythe would look awesome with T10 (T6 would work with it well, too).
    no shut up you stole my idea D:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Volitar View Post
    Oh WOW, thanks ^^
    Up to now I was decided for .. Now. thanks to Volitar, I can't decide -.-
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    Ulduar or ICC set

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    t13 for my shammy... purely to be different to every other shammy going for old school looks

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    I think i'll be going with T5 for my dwarf shammy.

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    I don't like any of the shaman sets they just... suck -.-''''''' , keeping t12 seems to be the best of all.

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    t6 baby hell yes

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    T8 or T6 sets look pretty cool on a goblin

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeleX View Post
    T6! \o/ hav it all in my bank, look sick.
    Sorry to disappoint, but NOTHING looks good on a male troll.

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    T10 in heroic, i love the the sexiness of that tier.

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    T2/T5 or t6 all the way !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Radux View Post
    Yeah I just read that after I posted it.

    Who's excited because I have a mace already? This guy.
    Sorry to burst your bubble, dude, but Legendaries won't be able to be used on either end of the transmogrification process. =/

    I'll probably end up going with either T4 or T9 though, for absolutely no reason at all... *shrug*

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