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    Quote Originally Posted by Weerra View Post
    Yeah, it looks awesome.
    Sadly, the best purple is 2200 rating, which I don't think I'll be able to reach - I've never tried PVP seriously.
    Not sure if you're talking purple as in color or purple as in item quality. If you're talking about the bottom set in that link, that's the set anyone who grinds the conquest can get. The top set is the 2200 rating set, and the middle is unused.

    Which is annoying for me, because out of the three I liked the 2200 rating coloration the most. Not enough to use for anything in particular though, so I guess I'm not missing out on much.

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    I honestly liked teir 4 the best, it feels more shaman to me

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    This is what I'm wearing as we speak Really happy with the 2 first looks, Enh I rarely play so doesn't matter all too much!
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    This is my set atm, need a new blue icy weapon and belt. Would be nice with some suggestions

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    Purple! I really like my set :hmm

    My helm is iffy, but it's hard to find a matching helm that shows off my hair ;P
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    Thank you for the suggestions!
    I think I'll go for the Jusice Point Belt from Wotlk and The Decapitator

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    This is what I have at the moment. Need to get gloves and I just am not feeling the shoulders think I may replace them once I find something more fitting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragingchoi View Post

    The black headpiece, does anyone know where to get that, or what it's called? Thanks!
    This is it. I think.

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    Any shield/offhand fitting for my look?

    Expect the t13 headpiece/chest/trousers to come soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feio View Post
    Any shield/offhand fitting for my look?

    Expect the t13 headpiece/chest/trousers to come soon
    http://www.wowhead.com/item=55277#same-model-as (there are several with different colours and different glows)
    http://www.wowhead.com/item=33325 (the more tribal shaman look)
    http://www.wowhead.com/item=10770#same-model-as (also several different colours here, might be a bit too demonic)

    As for shields, that's a bit trickier;
    http://www.wowhead.com/item=47287 (!! HORDE ONLY !! Put it here just in case there are horde players wondering the same thing)
    http://www.wowhead.com/item=66008 (wrong colour but there're bones atleast! xP)
    http://www.wowhead.com/item=53254#same-model-as (continuing on the tribal look)
    http://www.wowhead.com/item=2040#same-model-as (several different types of paintings on this one)

    Those are the ones I think would fit T13, since it's so crude and tribal. I can really recommend the addon MogIt, has helped me MANY times!

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    I don't like going for straight up tier sets, however ace they may be. I like to create sets (for RP or transmog) that speak to my class or race, or even spec. Below is my enhance transmog. Simple, trollish and pretty brutal looking. The legs are T12 but not transmogged yet as I haven't found suitable alternatives and the boots are slightly the wrong colour (there are a set that match the gloves), but overall very pleased with it.

    I'm working on a set for my resto stuff that uses the TBC JP troll stuff (the original coloured ZA gear) with Shield of the Barrens as the look of my shield. Looks pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. Will post when it's finished!
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    I thought of coming back, and starting up a female orc shaman. If that was ever to happen, I would make this my set:

    http://www.wowhead.com/compare?items...44:44182:53254 <-- look at that on a female orc. Not sure about the weapon as I am not familiar with what an elemental shaman would use along with a shield, but the Warsong Punisher (mace) and Ghaz'rilla Fang (dagger) is what I looked at.

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    i wanna DW Big Bad Wolf's Paw but it is only main-hand. it is driving me MAD !

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    Quote Originally Posted by tangerine View Post
    i wanna DW Big Bad Wolf's Paw but it is only main-hand. it is driving me MAD !
    1. There are quite a few matching offhands http://www.wowhead.com/item=18202#same-model-as <--- look at same model as.
    2. For dual-wielding Fists, get a PvP-offhand.
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    Think I finally decided on something. Still need another weapon but I like what is going on here.

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    In my 25 man T8. Think it's the last set I actually liked the look of.

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    wtb cloak idea for my little set

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