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    I will wear a Vermillion Robe of the Dominant, and my weapon will be a Perdition Blade. And I am praying to god we might finally have a option to toggle shoulder armour off

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    t6 til get the bits a sold :< until then full naxx t7 inc sheild from grandwidow i think and mace from kel 10 man

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    First, brb farming TBC raid instances.

    Second: Tell me I can make grey daggers look like Warglaives..

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    I have farmed TBC stuff all day today, I did get lucky and got t5 shoulders, but little else sadly, but me and my boyfriend will keep at it until this new patch I reckon. Really looking forward to this change really. I wish to maybe use t1 for warlocks as well. Knowing myself I will change it alot.

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    T6 ofc. I wish i never changed my race. UD rocks with T6 but orc, meh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarahjane View Post
    the only bow i miss in my collection, i run this shit weekly and same as the second binding it never drops. On the plus side, ill use thoridal .)
    Quote Originally Posted by Swizzle View Post
    Kael'thas and Kil'Jaeden are actually quite similar. For one, both names start with the letter K, which is short for...kuhraaaaazy. Second, both had a hard-on for the color red and blood-elf girls. Third, they both were defeated at the Sunwell. Lastly, they both hate people who make threads comparing things that are as different as bananas and grape drink.

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    Mage T7.5 + T6 helm. For weps, not sure yet. If I get hold of Spire of scarlet pain, I'll make it look like Staff of Infinite mysteries.
    For my warrior: my current axe will look like Draconic Avenger.
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    Did this thread get moved from the general forums to warlock forums, or is everyone talking about all the other classes just clicking this thread from the home page's hot topics assuming its a general discussion?

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    In the beginning of cataclysm, I was tempted to pvp in the old season 3 pvp set (purple tier 6 for you non pvpers) but it was no longer available for repurchase. I will absolutely unretire my Warlock to run around in that set again. I would have to think about the weapon though. Probably a 2-hander though. F the stats.

    Edit: oops, wrong tier number. Good thing no one actually reads anyone else's posts on this board.
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    DEEEEZ NuUuUuuTssss
    Alliance T9...
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    The only set I feel looks like an actual male witch.

    The head is soooooo awesome and it and the shoulders looks so sweet on an orc.

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    A shame you can't use legendary weapons though.

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    something from the burning crusade. that expac had the best looking gear in my opinion

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    Is it possible for a lock to solo the content that drops the T5 gear tokens (SSC/The eye)? If so... brb..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heywoods View Post
    Read the preview. Weapons can be changed too. They didnt mention shields however?
    If so ... Bullwrak of Azzaroth (or what it was called, dropped of Illidan), For my gear,
    Warrior : Gladiator gear (BC)
    Dk : T10
    Warlock : The Demon like with wings or the one with black hood
    Priest : Dono ....
    Mage : The vanilla one
    druid : Something
    rogue : the one with the black hood
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    Stolen ... from elyssia .... mad elyssia?

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    is it only for tier gear or can u do also exeptional armor like the the Cursed visage of Sagaras?

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    Full T3 set and old Naxx stuff.

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    How can you pass up demon wings?

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