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    raid finder? lolwut

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    So if I want the appearance of a certain set I will have to go back and farm that gear again if I already trashed it, correct?

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    I hope the "Raid-Finder" is a joke.

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    I love this, thank you so much for listening Blizzard

    I am a bit sad, I have many outfits I made up from individual items not always tier sets, and some of those consist of pretty robes that look druidic (green spiderweb robe <3) but with them limiting us to our own armour type , I can't use them But the fact we can change out appearence so totally outweighs my sadness at that Oh god so many choices... and WOOHOO I am gonna have so much free space in my bank now *happy dance*

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoxSSDK View Post
    We do need to own the item i believe, but what i wanna know is... Will the item be deleted after? Does it mean i need to farm my bloodfang on rogue agian just to change the looks? i dont want it to be deleted it forever :/
    It will just copy the item. Otherwise the very few people that have rare weapons and gear (T3, Corrupted Ashbringer, etc) would be very.. very.. very angry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Collected View Post
    The item is a totally different model after it's changed so it's not a 'dye'. A dye is changing the colour of a model. This system changes the model. And it's not a paid for service. The preview says it will just cost some gold.
    My point was it should be a dye system rather then see ppl run in old tiers junk all over the place. Then make the new tiers so that they look awsome with diffrent colours - instead of putting 3 diffrent colours on exactly the same set for each spec...

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    Deleted. Quote screw up.

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    From the looks of it, the item won't be deleted, but it will lose its gems/enchants and possibly reforging as well. That makes sense, since it's really the look of the item we need.

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    last patch?lol cata is over then very soonor youll all sit around in that raid for a whole year.oh blizz. so much wasted oppurtunity

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    the Transmogrifier is by far the best idea blizzard ever had

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    Raid finders new! Sounds awesome! Very useful for new raiders Now I can do lower teirs without having to wait forever. But will it work for all raids? For the transmog thing? This could open up alot of potential w/ the new friend thing aswell. also transmog,DMF?, riding on DW's back! I cannot wait for the PTR! Bravo blizzI have no complaints whatsoever. Also heres a tip: Dont use the raid finder for current teir! (Very bad idea...):/

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    Quote Originally Posted by vazar-da-priest View Post
    last patch?lol cata is over then very soonor youll all sit around in that raid for a whole year.oh blizz. so much wasted oppurtunity
    Next patch is not coming anytime soon. We are probably talking minimum of 6 months for it to hit. And then Cata has been live for over a year already.

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    New raid, new dungeons, new random features for quality of life improvements. Nothing truly new.

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    that out of the way.. id like to say that patch 4.3 looks prety cool except the fact that CATA has like what 4 raids?
    Cata - BWD/Twilight stuff/Throne of teh winds stuff/ firelands stuff/ and DW stuff------5 raids
    Vanilla - MC/BWL/AQ40/NAXX /(+ 2 small ones ZG/AQ20) --------------------------------6 raids
    BC - Kara/Maggy/Grull/SCC/TK/BT/SW ------------------------------------------------------7 raids
    LK - Naxx(again)/EoE/ObsSanct+RubySanct/ULD/TOC/ICC --------------------------------6 raids

    MABY if i do a boss count it will even out the ods... didnt try yet... ill prob miss some bosses and they will feel left out and get mad at me when ill go back and get my tier pieces...

    Soo Cata looks kinda Short... for a WORLD SHATERING expansion.... Oh no Azeroth is DOOMED it`s SHATERED... oh no... it passed... back to our lives now...

    OH BTW.... does this mean BLIZZ will go back and do a whole new set of T1-T2-T3-T4...etc till LK for DK class..... SWEEET... oh wait they will let Dk`s wear nothing or war sets.... THAT SUX
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    Would be freaking awesome if I hadn't tossed all my cool sets already!

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    "It will hold 100-150 items. Anything stored there will lose all gems and enchantments. "... No Thank you then...

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    I'm all for the raid finder, IF it allows me to look for old raids that can't be solo'd by most classes. Don't make it so you can only do the current stuff, otherwise I won't use it as I have a raid team who's more then capable.

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    Wow has officially jumped the shark w/this transmogrifier business.

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    Warglaives here i come

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    I just got incredibly excited also.. raid finder?

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