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    I like the 4th one down (the gold one). Very Paladin-esque.

    Question; would the Sin'dorei heritage armour and the first tint of Ashbringer's "Valorous: Burning Reprisal" work aesthetically?
    I've stopped trying to too closely match weapons to transmogs, since it's impossible about 90% of time. Get the armor set right, and then pick a weapon that fits thematically (but bonus if the colors are similar).

    What WOULD look awesome with the Blood Elf heritage set is if there were a red/gold version of the Alliance BfA faction/PvP sword.

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    This guy has done awesome Old God-themed sets. Oh, what could have been!


    Once we can finally transmog other artifacts, I'll go with this set for a while.

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    I don't like the sheath position on the back on the holy artifact skins. Same with the protection one from the balance of power quest. It looks so silly, that i never use them.
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