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    Ummm so I know this is a few years old but I was bored today and decided to google my Paladins name and see if I could find anything interesting. (I am the only one in the game with this name as far as I know. Any repeats also belong to me lol) Anyways I came across this post and so I felt like I had to make an account here and reply to it.

    Not sure if anyone will see this but hi, I'm Norithin lmao. I am no longer on the server you linked so It's not viewable but I know exactly which mog you are talking about haha I still have it saved to this day. Anyways thanks for appreciating my transmog from 3 years ago. This was a wild find.
    Hi there, all pleasure is mine.
    His transmog IIRC was blue/white/yellow parts from non-paladin set parts I think, from LK era. It worked well.

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    Here's my Zandalari themed transmog using the heritage armor.

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    The AH revamp finally brings us an uncollected appearance filter!

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    It's Hallow's End time again!

    Have some New 52 Armored Superman.

    OMG 13:37 - Then Jesus said to His disciples, "Cleave unto me, and I shall grant to thee the blessing of eternal salvation."

    And His disciples said unto Him, "Can we get Kings instead?"

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    [Banhammer, Kungen's Bane]

    1.60 sp mace
    150 str
    268 sta
    77 defense
    80 dodge
    93 parry
    "As you look upon the mace, you hear the whining of a thousand fanboys. Something deep with in your soul makes it impossible to think anything but 'lol.'"

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    @Tumble, it looks OK, its a full set with a tabard on, the tabard does not match that well colorwise but it goes really well with the theme, but... the shield on the other hand, does not match color wise nor theme wise (Silverhand or Scarlet Crusade, decide)

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