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    Boring Games and the Lack of Originality

    Recently, there really hasn't been that many unique games lately, either they reuse a stock story line and restructure it, base their gameplay off of other IPs, or they just 'casualize' it too much. Sure, Call of Duty is cool, but to be honest; its a casual game. There is no real skill, except for the people who can turn the game fast enough to no-scope one-shot people; you really don't need to think that much about playing. Rarely have I seen inventive games such as Half-Life, Minecraft, Red Orchestra, or Dark Souls which actually do something challenging and original. It seems that the developer mentality is trying to make their games appeal to everyone and to attempt to rush out their games fast enough that they can make their "epic trilogy" or "legendary saga" and get large money for it. How many games within the past 5 years create interesting, unique characters? How many games have you found challenging yet enjoyable?

    On the otherhand, how many games have you played that are outright horrible, use stock characters and stories, copy the same gameplay from one IP and just put in their own adjustments,? "Sure... were going to make an RPG that people think is going to be epic, and we will make millions and millions of dollars... simply had in a cocky yet awesome rogue, a stupid blind mage, a beautiful princess who the player will idolaize, and oh... maybe an insurrection against the government and an evil dragon? Maybe a side quest or two. Oh, don't forget that easy to use shooter system that everyone likes! And make it a triology, so we can say that it is a large scale, overlaping story that new comers to the franchise would want to buy all three of the games!"

    Considering the fact that now many, many publishers now not only try to rush their projects out the door as soon as possible, but also intentionally withold game content so they can later sell it as "DLC" for thirty bucks and make what should have been a well polished, 100+ hr video game for $60 a 10hr, glitchy, completely unoriginal $150 investment. Now I am not saying that shorter, creative games which don't have huge teams like Journey are bad, but what I am trying to sale is that the gaming industry is full of companies that who, in their quest for money, they sacrifice the very core principle of a good product: quality, and they trade that for cheap budgets and the "style that everyone enjoys".

    It is my hope that new games coming out within the next two years will be able to at least in someway change the current trend, games such as (the inevitable) Half-Life 3, the Red Orchestra series, Destiny, Star Citizen, Tides of Numerana, Project Titan, Ox10c (and Mojang's other games), Mass Effect 4, and many others will somehow make an impact.

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    i know what you mean ... i think.

    i have not bought games on release for years now (excluding blizzard titles). once upon a time i bought several games per month, often at full price, and i had fun with these pretty much all the time.

    but now there seems allmost nothing in the sea of sequels that is worth paing for. pretty much all my games i bought in the past years where in steam sales for a laughable price. i don't regret most of them (arkham city + all addons for 5€ ... i take it), but i would not have bought them at relsease.

    i think i get old. i don't want open world and achivements ... i want atmosphere. i don't want fancy graphics and gameplay i want cutscenes and epic music, i don't want farming, repetition and sequels i want deep stories and unique characters.

    such things seem to be rare nowerdays. especially when you can't stand asian/jrpg etc games.

    the only games i wait for atm are pretty much the same as yours. project eternity, torment: tides of numenera, a new legacy of kain game, a new american mcgees alice, some mass effect, something completely new and exciting ...

    today i pretty much only play wow and free to play titles while waiting for something interesting.

    we will see what will come some day ...

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