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    You need to check your facts. Human Racial + Guild perk does indeed, stack.
    pretty sure it doesnt .. or it used to in 4.0

    maybe it does stack though. ive had several people say but when i was questin in hyjal on my human pally vs my worgen hunter i didnt notice any rep difference, both in a 25 guild.

    anyway if it does stack thats one perk for being a human.

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    I wouldnt. Dwarf stone form is great for any spec in PvP and prot in PvE. all in all it doesnt really make a difference
    Haters gun be hatin'

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    Meh race change if you want i know i have more then i should.
    Priest has went ...dwarf, human, gnome, goblin, gnome, draenei, goblin, gnome
    All since november too
    Pally has been dwarf, human, blood elf, dwarf
    Dk has been human, dwarf
    Druid male nelf to female

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    i race change because i can't stand the look of the Race , i leveld my mage as a mage wich was fun , But i'm someon who loves to see the looks of the gear , and gnomes arn't that good at showing gear , So i went humand , Not for racial or anything just because of the Look , I prefer to loose 1k dps then look whole day at somthing i can stand out to look at

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    I would only do it if it makes your character more enjoyable for you. I have only done two race changes, one for my druid main and another time for my warrior. Both changes have made both characters more enjoyable for me. Both were also better for racials, but that was only part of it for me.

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