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    Should woman REALLY have the right to play WoW?

    Let me start off by saying I deal with enough bullshit from females bleeding out their vagina's in real life and 90% of guild drama is caused by woman. I've surfed a lot of guilds until I hit an all male one (no homo) well there are females but not in the raid group. Never been better TBH.

    I'm sure there are some girls out there that play the game legit and don't try to charm virgin raid leaders to fuck over their fellow guild members but I doubt very many. I don't believe woman should have been given rights in the first place, I mean they are great at cooking and cleaning but only unhealthy or ugly ones can play the game at a competitive level.

    Every time I crack a joke with a female in vent she gets all defensive like I need to go out of my way to make sure I don't offend anyone without a dick in the room, and of course some faggot is defending her like he's going to get some (rofl) dream on, kid. I saw a guild advertising on my realm that had around 700 members and all were required to be female with vent authentication and I think it's a great idea, they should all just play the game and talk about makeup in their own vents and their own raids while men do a better job (as usual) in theirs.

    Anyone agree? Your thoughts on this topic are welcome, females you need not post here.

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    We are all now stupider for having read this. If ignorance were bliss, you sir would be the epitome of happy.
    Quote Originally Posted by Culexus View Post
    Never ask for logic in a game that mails you dragons.

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    Dang, there's some heavy sexism in this here thread

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    I laughed. Nice post.

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    Now, give me epics *drops bra*

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    I agree full heartily.

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    Oh wow the level of complete and utter stupid in your post is amazing, well done.

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    Forever alone?

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    It's a shame people like you aren't banned yet :\

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    this is the kind of guy who has to rape his hand cuz not even THAT will say yes.
    Quote Originally Posted by Culexus View Post
    Never ask for logic in a game that mails you dragons.

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    Yeah you tell those women meanies!

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    I think you've been very unlucky with guilds, OP.

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    Women*, idiot.

    There's women in my guild and they're all just as capable as the next. Most of them are even in our core raiding group. Judging by your post, you've got a strong fanatical devotion to the idea that women shouldn't be allowed to play video games at all. For that, you're stupid.

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    You realize you're blaming the mens actions on the women right?

    The title should be something more like "Should horny little boys really have the right to play?"

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    Honestly, the schools can't go back quick enough.

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    oh wow we hit the motherload right here.

    brace for impact gents.

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    as a married man who plays the game with his wife and feels that women deserve everything a man deserves this offends me. I'm sorry that you have zero luck with women and that you've been passed over by plenty of more mature smarter and all together better people that just so happen to not share the same reproductive system as you.

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    What is this, the 1940s?

    Great scott Marty!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pikatrap View Post
    haha inb4 HUGE SHITSTORM
    This. Power to the OP though, laying it down like it is.

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