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    Horde [H] Hexx 7yrs old 4/7M 2/10M, LFM for fun mature Mythic raids!

    Management: Lemaitre (Eple#2466), Marok (Marok#2765), Silvos (Kiega#2501), Mezegis (Mezegis#2905)
    Realm: Chamber of Aspects-EU

    Raid Days
    Friday 20:15-23:30 CET
    Sunday 20:00-23:00 CET
    Tuesday 20:15-23:00 CET

    We are looking for mature like-minded people who are skilled and capable players. Note this is regardless of your current experience, or if your class is low in demand; if you show potential we will always consider your application.

    We will consider from the following classes:
    Tanks: Closed.
    Damage Dealers: Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, or Warlock.
    Healers: Closed.

    What is the atmosphere like in Hexx?
    - We provide a mature atmosphere with no drama. We raid progressively whilst still having fun along the way. Our members put the team above themselves, and are happy to pass loot to others and sit out when needed. Due to our philosophy we tend to attract older members (most of us are around our late 20s/30s), though younger people with the same attitude are welcome to apply.
    - We are a close-knit guild. We don't mass recruit and there are no social ranks, everyone in the guild is part of the raiding team or was in the past. We all know each other's personalities and work well together.
    - We're friendly people who enjoy each other's company. There's often a bunch of us on mumble most evenings (raid night or not), getting together to do other things in WOW, play other games, or just having a good banter.
    - We appreciate that real life takes priority over raiding and understand if you can't make a night. However members are here because they want to raid, and we expect a certain level of activity from our members.
    - We are a "destination guild" - you may leave WOW but you'll never leave Hexx! We have ex raiders who are still around years later on the forums or joining us for non-raiding activities.

    How does Hexx offer stable progression-orientated raiding?
    - We are skilled players with a serious approach to raiding, our members realise that raiding involves other people and their time. Members strive to improve their own performance, discuss boss tactics on the guild site, bring all consumables necessary and are reliable. We make the most out of the limited time available.
    - We have been raiding for 7 years, we aren’t going anywhere.
    - Experienced and committed management, including experienced raid leaders and a guild master who has been in the guild since 2008.
    - A great realm to be based on, CoA benefits from one of the highest Horde populations for a PvE server, without suffering from queues.
    - Current progress is 4/7 and 2/10 Mythic. We’ve achieved a lot over the years and you can read about our past glories on the Hexx: A History section of our site.

    How to Apply
    If this introduction tickles your fancy, check out our website at and read our Guild Ethos where the guild is explained in detail. If we sound like the right guild for you then follow the instructions in our How to Apply sticky.
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    Which server ?

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    The best thing about being in <Hexx> is knowing your Guildies are Never Gonna:

    - Give you up.
    - Let you down.
    - Run around and desert you.
    - Make you cry.
    - Say goodbye.
    - Tell a lie and hurt you.

    <Hexx> – Looking for any healer except a resto shaman and an awesome rogue, too.

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    *drop-kicks post back up the forums to the top*

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    Still recruiting 1 more to strengthen our already great 10 man hc raid team and are still looking for more to fill our WoD heroic roster.

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