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    What would it take to make wow great again ?

    It's been about 6 months since I last logged in, though I do check MMO-champion every week, just hoping and praying that maybe Blizzard would have made some amazing change and WOW will be back to it's brilliant best.

    For me it would be a big change to the way PVP works and a massive graphics update, Wintergrasp was probably the last real fun I had, so something like that, and slower paced arena games. Oh and Witcher 2 graphics engine

    What would it take for you, or is just too late for the whole system and engine ?

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    i don't think you understand how games work and how a engine overhaul works. You're better off waiting for a WOW 2 if those are your demands

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    I am new here and even I know posts like this are getting olde™.

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    This is the reason that Blizzard really shouldn't listen to their community. The community for the most part has absolutely no clue what it is talking about.
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    The list is just too long to reprint in every post like this. I would read up on the various Cataclysm threads floating around MMO-Champion - they are undoubtedly going to be filled with reasons why people like or dislike this expansion. Some have inside them what needs to be done (opinions) to make the game better.

    As for a better engine and your demands, you better set those aside as unrealistic. If Blizzard did a full overhaul of the game, they would just release it as a new and fresh game instead.

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    Make it free to play.

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    What was so enjoyable about Wintergrasp, exactly?

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    The only way to make wow better for everyone (yes, for everyone) is to wipe your memory out as you log in. Totally amazing feeling every day, I tell you. Did I win?

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    Wait 2 more years, and people will be saying how awesome Cataclysm was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CookieMcNut View Post
    What was so enjoyable about Wintergrasp, exactly?
    the epic feel of the battle, that it made a difference and wasn't part of a grind, but mostly the sense of community it fostered on the server

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    for me it would be slower content =O (yes im just that weird) since i wanna be able too get full season gear and atleast "have" it for a month or so before the next season starts a week after u get the last pice ^^

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    It's not a new game, so it can't be as it used to be. You talk as if it's your only purpose in life.

    And by the way, it was 'great' in your opinion, and Blizzard has to please 12 milion players. So you are being subjective.
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    I wasn't hating, or demanding, just saying how it is for me.

    Did have a look at 5 pages of threads for anything like this but couldn't find it (lots of "I quit", but this is quite a different concept)

    Love the wipe your memory idea, that would certainly work; but only legal in Holland

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    WoW's friggin' old. Its greatness should fade into memory and be replaced by the next generation, but still should be respected even though it contracted dementia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by omnirom View Post
    the epic feel of the battle, that it made a difference and wasn't part of a grind, but mostly the sense of community it fostered on the server
    Tenacity was awful and I don't remember WG being much fun >.> on my server it's massively balanced towards allies so the hordies rarely gave us a good fight. It'd be like 200 of us against...8 of them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naix View Post
    Make it free to play.
    Say bye to decent content patches then.

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    Ventilation shaft. How do you know that?
    WoW is like a classic movie. It will always stay in their memory and be there for them (cheesy) but they are looking for new things to experience.
    off topic lulz

    how to improve? slight graphical improvement to all races ( not Gobb and Worg) and take the time to come up with great content for PvE and PvP players.

    look back at what you did with Ulduar. massive raid with lots of cool stuff, don't copy but follow the line.

    (it's like I'm talking to a person)
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    Really? Again with this? This is beyond academic because no matter what Blizz does, a large portion of it's player base and even larger portion of ex-players will be critical. For example, they are throwing in things that we had asked for forever with the void storage and thurma-whatever it's called. Is anyone saying "oh wow thanks a-lot blizz!"? No everyone thinks they are competing with upcoming games. In truth they should be always be competing with upcoming games. If they come up with some great raid or expansion will you really be happy, or will you be mad that they wasted an expansion when they had idea-X on tap?

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    Bioware's artists to redo all the current graphics, extra character slots on server and xrealm mail on same account would be good starts imo.

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    WoW is great.

    Not sure what game people are playing; I love the way things are.

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