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    Quote Originally Posted by noteworthynerd View Post
    Need help finding a sword for this set:;40862:1+1:0

    Already have a Mace and an Axe picked out.
    I was nice and made a little compilation for you! I scanned through all epic swords between ilvl 50 and 226 looking for purple themed swords, so you got Most Vanilla/tbc/wrathuntilulduar-designs. I skipped some blue- and green quality models so could have missed a few, but I'm sure you can find the perfect match for your set amongst these. Enjoy!

    Quit hardcore raiding, will be playing casually and maybe mythic+
    WoD Main: - Footwork <ScrubBusters> ~ Hunter -- MoP Main: - Hexn ~ Shadowpriest
    some spriest SoO WoL rankings // WOL ranks previous tiers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mew View Post
    I was nice and made a little compilation for you!
    Thank you so much! I think I'm gonna go with the Edge of Cosmos for now, time to farm! Also gonna farm Blinkstrike (which I was actually thinking of prior to asking).

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    hey all I'm new to the forums not the game but since the announcement of 4.3 I'm hunting for gear again and i was hoping for some help.
    I have 2 hunters 1 Blood elf 1 night elf and i was hoping to find as close as possible replicas of the gear Sylvanas wears. BOTH her vanilla and wrath model.

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    Didn't see this topic as first, but made one for myself, I'll copy/paste from there to here.

    Not much, but I know there's the wonder-woman looking set, so as for that I was wondering what the gear it was. I.e. if it was quest rewards, or boe greens, and if I could get a list of the pieces.

    As far as the actual sets go, I main a resto shaman, so apart from getting the old tier sets, are there any sets that scream shaman? Secondly to that, is there a shield I can get without raiding that would tie into it, along with a dagger/mace?

    Would there be any sets that follow a warlock/evil theme too? I'm close to getting my warlock to 85 and wouldn't mind not looking like current tier warlocks.

    A final request, are there any extreme nonsense sets? I.e. getting the purple judgement set from Outland dungeons for my DK?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I was looking for kind of an "undead" looking set, what I really want is the warlock t8 but my undeads a mage so anyway i like the warlord's silk cowl and highwarlords war staff but need some help finding robe/shoulders to match because I really dont like the rest of the set. I'm open to knew helms also but the cowls the closest thing i could find to what I want hopefully you guys can get what I mean when I say undeady lol

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    What are the minimum numbers of people required for some of the raids as 85's? ICC25, ICC10, Onyxia10, Black Temple,?

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    I'm planning to run around with full T8.5 (the red version) on my shaman, but I can't seem to find a matching belt...
    halp. :<

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baneat View Post
    What are the minimum numbers of people required for some of the raids as 85's? ICC25, ICC10, Onyxia10, Black Temple,?
    well we did black temple this week with 5 85's and one 75(which was me, i wanted t6 on my warr :P) only trouble we had at all was on riliquory of souls which was just because we forgot to interrupt, just be careful on the trash pulls, dont pull too many alot of them do percentage damage attacks or MC you.
    you could prob run with as few as 3 fairly easily in most 70's

    we did hyjal with 4 85's but you can solo the first 2 bosses pretty easily.
    archimonde can be a pain without any slow falls. and dont stand in the DnD on winterchill :P

    as for the 80 raids id say you are prob looking at a minimum of 5 to do the 10 mans comfortably and prob around 10-15 for 25 mans.
    alot of these fights still require tactics though.

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    Need help finding a staff/polearm for druid t4... (whiteish looking set)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Banthak View Post
    I'm in desperate need for some help.
    I am gathering the Overlord's set . The set itself does not have shoulders and for the love of my life I cannot find a matching pair.
    The shield I've found is a green Fel-Iron Shield and I'm going to be using some cool axe which I haven't decided on yet
    If anyone can find a pair of shoulders I would be very happy
    How about these?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slakkers View Post
    Deleted my post before seeing your response. There are set shoulders but I was just blind and fooled by the RP blog where I first found the set. The shoulders look the same as the set ones so you've helped me alot anyway since now I can look for more items on AH. Many thanks

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    Can anyone help me find a suitable set for a tinker? My gnome warrior is a engineer (so googles are in the box), he is protection/arms or fury.

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    Defo' going for this on my DK.

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    Wow... I think we're gonna see A LOT of people in that purple plate T2-lookalike..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panoramixe View Post
    Could someone design me a jedi?

    One option would be a gnome warrior they have the only 2h lightsaber in the game I believe.

    Another would be a dual wielding class like rogues with

    Another would be a caster with one and an off-hand that doesn't attract attention.
    If you can find a set that comes close to any of these guys, it would be epic.
    the trash drop from Karazan is a lightsaber sword 1h it's also red so you could dual weild a red + blue saber!

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    I humbly ask for help with this one: I feel like it needs a more fitting chest and a belt. Adding to that i have no ide which off-hand to pick, i went through every epic off-hand on wowhead, my hope lies in someone providing me with some lvling/quest item they remember. Colors are not that important though cause I'm rocking shadow form all the time, would be awesome if they kinda matched though. I am a Female Undead Priest.
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    Anyone know of a belt that matches the T6 rogue set? The actual slayer belt has too much gold on it.

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    I'm looking for purple two-handed mace to go with Purple Judgement

    Any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kobomino View Post
    I'm looking for purple two-handed mace to go with Purple Judgement

    Any ideas?
    I would suggest this one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kobomino View Post
    I'm looking for purple two-handed mace to go with Purple Judgement

    Any ideas?

    Quite a few interesting options. You should check which one you think looks best and is also easy to get.

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