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    Quote Originally Posted by freak8boy8 View Post
    I work at Starbucks. We had a heavy set gentleman ... finger paint with his feces in our restroom. This happened 3 times before we found out who it was.
    i liked the part where you called him gentleman

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    So.. did you go back at night and take the clean ones (with a wash off and check the seal of course)?

    Just seems like a waste otherwise..

    Not like I would do it..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Remnas View Post
    Do you have any way of knowing completely that none of the other bottles were in anyway contaminated (ie. piss on the sides, half coke/piss, etc)?

    Answer: You don't.

    Do you understand the consequences if it turns out that ANY of that batch was in ANY way contaminated? The FDA would have a field day with your ass.
    Actually, you do know. Check the seals on the lids. Wash the bottles themselves in water and soap. If they're sealed, they're fine, and the outside can be cleaned easy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maharishi View Post
    Jeese if you're going to sterreotype, at least do it right, "American beer" would be the closest you can get to urine color.
    The irony that you were called witty, yet this went over your head.
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    In a world where Rule 34 exists, and is accepted, yeah.. we're pretty screwed up. (Toaster porn, aaaw yeah)

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    Quote Originally Posted by crawdaddy029 View Post
    i liked the part where you called him gentleman
    If only you could hear the sarcasm I hear in my head

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irony View Post
    The irony that you were called witty, yet this went over your head.
    I messed up the antecedent, I thought you were referring to my taste in beer.

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    Im lucky i never found anything like that when i worked at a warehouse for a nordic food company called Coop Forum this warehouse was where all the stuff for all the 1082 or so stores all over sweden and norway and denmark comes from so its a big place like a airport (No there was no cargo planes there however there was cargo trains that had a indoor docking station)
    I was a forklift driver loading and unloading trucks and other things on the loading dock.

    Tought we did find mold one of the candy crates sadly tought it was already on the shipping lane and the person that sent it to be cowered in plastic dident remember exactly where he took it from never realy know what happened after that.
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    All of you guys obsessing over the idea that its sterile are missing the point entirely. It isn't just a health concern - its a legal issue. If either the FDA or OHSA found out the manager (you know, the guy who ordered the coke to be trashed) would have, if he was lucky, gotten his ass fired. He'd be lucky to find another job in the same city if it went public that he knowingly let coke bottles contaminated with urine get sold.

    Regardless of any health issues, the manager was at the very least looking out for his own ass when he ordered the bottles to be removed.

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    I peed on a bottle cause of some retard at my work being inside that toilet for like half a hour. He got fired afterwards though.
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    You shoulda just relabelled it

    Coca Cola - Bear Gryll's Limited edition

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    Quote Originally Posted by crawdaddy029 View Post
    I was with you right until your manager said "remove the contaiminated stock" considering urine is sterile, the 3 bottles you found was the least contaminated thing there.
    Urine is sterile when it exits the body yes, but a whole lot of bacteria goes OM NOM NOM on it pretty fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crawdaddy029 View Post
    Waste is not always dirty. But anywho there was nothing wrong with the coke so no need to pitch it.

    Let me rephrase that, there was nothing out of the ordinary with the coke.
    Thing is though, its better to be safe than sorry. Customers are a total dickwad when it comes to food safety or apparant food safety. US and UK in particular are massive sticklers for it, with gloves for all food handling etc (on the continent here, they just use bare hands...:S)
    But anyways, if people found that their bottle of cola was stacked next to an apparant bottle of urine, they would complain, which would mean loss of reputation, and other such factors. In the long term, its better to bite the bullet and return it. Also, the supermarket chain wouldn't be out of pocket, the manufacturer would. The supermarkets have huge deals thereby if any stock is damaged etc, they can return for full cost price refunds, and the manufacturers cant do jack about it really.
    TL-DR Version - Makes total sense for them to remove it from sale, even though its fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zadiell View Post
    Urine might actually be better for you than Soda.
    Are you Bear Grylls?

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    That's disgusting ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by StarbuyPWNDyou View Post
    Little did you know, Crawdaddy029 is secretly.... BEAR GRYLLS. HE WELCOMES YOUR PISS!!!!

    EDIT: No offense bro.
    i lold so much thank you guys so much for these wonderful comments<3

    on topic: that is just sick man, cant understand how someone can even come up with the idea to piss in a bottle at a store :s insanity
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    thats sick, but what if someone bought one of those, thinking it was cokes new flavor :|
    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by wooshiewoo View Post
    People still buy fizzy drinks knowing how much they rot your body?
    Some don't have a choice. It's rAre but some people can't drink water and for us well things with sugar sadly are our only other choice. Sucks too cause of how pricey it is among other reasons.

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    Never going to Coles again. Then again Woolsworth would have its share of sick stuff

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    Soda might be bad for you, but I'd rather be a soda-drinker than a water-drinker.

    Water makes you snobby, like golf and only talk about how wonderful your collection of model boats are. I'm perfectly certain that those who only consume water are that dull at least. I've never met anyone interesting that only drinks water.

    And remember, if you do healthy things to counter the soda-drinking, it's fine.

    ON-TOPIC: That pee in the bottles is pretty disgusting indeed. Who knows why people feel they need to empty 8 litres of urine into plastic bottles, but some people aren't right, so it's almost normal now.

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