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    Expensive storage. I hope the transmogrification requires you to actually "own" the item you want to change the looks into. That way the legendaries might be useable at some point in the future as well. I want to wield my warglaives again :P

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    Q: Affliction warlocks and shamans are the main classes doing well in high end and even low end PvP. These classes have far to much synergy and because of this any class combined with them does well, do you have guys have any intention to fix this? A: Based on my recent conversation with GC, he did mention in particular that a Resto shaman tweak needs to be made. In particular, he's prepared to get his nasty claws on Windshear. >>>>Clearly this has nothing to do with shaman + warlocks being the most represented classes in PVP by percentage, and everything to do with the fact that you'll find no shaman in ANY top combination by win percentage. Not recommended for 2s or 3s Arenas, Not great in PVP, not recommended for progression content raiding in any respect- why would anyone want to play a restoration shaman to begin with? Good thing you're nerfing them into the ground :3 The only thing we've got going for us is our (limited) mobility and windshear(Picking up the slack where the dps are too busy watching numbers). I'm so incredibly pissed at the dev's overwhelming retardation. OVERTARDATION. UNGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

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    wait, so you can take a random green item you wear and make it look like your tier items from the bank?!

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    I'm in love with coming remodeling system. I have some questions:
    * can I remodel an item back?
    * can I remodel a few items from one piece, or I have to have a few of them to remodel my pve and pvp set ?
    * I've readed about remodeling to "same armor type". It means that a priest can have same model as mage because they both use robes? (or same goes for paladins, can they have DK or Warrior looking armor?)
    Q: Bring back world PvP!A: All I can say for now is that we've driven people to SW/Org in this expansion too much and that's not cool. We want to fix that in the next go.
    It would be very nice of Blizz to do this.I liked all that ganking and battles near summoning stones And with this LFG system all players sit in capitals and they don't need to go somewhere to do something *sadface.
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    *>mfw people used to do model editing so that they can preview their chars as if for example are holding the warglaives of azzinoth
    *>mfw blizzard used to ban those people
    *>mfw the subscription drop is a result of those bans
    *>mfw blizzard decides to implement a feature where you can have your model editing so that they stop banning accounts and not loose anymore customers
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    So yeah. I'm pretty sure they took my idea right out of the Weapons and Armor Q&A thread that I posted in on my Rogue.

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    Will be interesting change wise, and that pic is epic

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    Absolutely abysmal implementation. They should've just allowed you to transmog your gear into any armor skin except for the current highest tier of armor and then add that tier to the list of available skins when they released a new raid/season. Absolutely idiotic of them to do it this way and then for them to go and say that the Transmogrifying system and the Void Storage are supposed to complement each other when you clearly have to withdraw the item from your void storage to transmogrify it's appearance onto your currently equipped gear shows a total lack of foresight.

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    I will need to put my mage in all silver thread armor now. Should be quite fun. Now if we could transmogrify tabards

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    It will get painful if I cannot use one item to transmog several items, because then I have to go fetch the old set many times while I keep getting new tiers. And the old set might be rare or something or I get bored of fetching the old set once again.

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