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    He DOESNT have 2 yellow gems, he has 1 orange gem and he needs 2 to activate that meta gem, so basically he doesnt get its bonus. Im not sure why he diddnt gem that way but he has =(
    Why does the armory page say he has 2 orange gems (=2 yellow) then?

    P.S: Chest and Legs 1 each.
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    I have alittle holy pally gear and I use the instant holy shock or whatever it's called on CD to build holy charges. then spam divine light on anyone who needs it and with beacon on the tank he usually gets healed too.
    Haters gun be hatin'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nillo View Post
    Why does the armory page say he has 2 orange gems (=2 yellow) then?

    P.S: Chest and Legs 1 each.
    Somehow I missed that entirely... but now that you point it out I see my mistake, sorry in advance if I confused anyone >.<

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    Everything about this guy is pretty much wrong. Imo unless he can figure out one of the dozens of things he has done wrong DONT let him raid.

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    Pretty much what others have said. I don't know if he could do things any more wrong even if he tried to.

    I would advice him to read through EJ and other holy paladin resources and, even though I hate the expression, L2P.

    Seriously, 7 judgements throughout the whole night, flash of light is the most used healing spell, reforging away from spirit and haste and countless other things... Purely amazing how much some people can fail.

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    Hmm, thanks for the feedback guys, i thought there might be a problem but....
    This will need to be addressed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nillo View Post
    But yeah he has got 40 yard judgement range (which is overkill to the max) without even using it
    I lol'd....

    Bitch should have 110% uptime with that

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    <-- 0.o

    He needs to enchant his cloak, use 2 JC gems and he needs to follow some kind of priority with his items. Right now he goes for all 3 stats: mastery, haste and critt.

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