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    Question about mastery

    Hey, I was discuting with a friend (hunter) and we had total different point of view.

    So here is my question :

    With BM (but my question works for SV), when you have 30,52% mastery, It up my pet's damage by 30% ou 30,51%?!

    Also, we are ok that now we can do x3 ES with LnL proc? my friend told me that we had less damage even with the maj dots !


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    It gives your pet a 30.52% damage increase.

    You can do 3x ES in a row because when you hit a target with ES on it already the DoT gets stronger but it keeps is duration, so you won't lose any damage.

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    30.52% and casting x3 ES with an LnL proc is the way to do it.

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