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    Is the mirrored blades glyph bugged?

    It was my first time using it yesterday and I was pvping I got feared and a chaos bolt was upon me so I broke out the fear and deterranced the lock was at like 40% health and I reflected the spell back and it hit him for 201K it was on AB. Im asking if it was bugged because it hit him so hard back he ending up killing his self with his own spell. Is that normal for spells to crit while being reflected?

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    Chaos Bolt Level 90
    10 Burning Embers 40 yd range
    3 sec cast
    Requires Warlock (Destruction)
    Requires level 42
    Unleashes a blast of chaos, causing (2164 ( + 225% of SpellPower) * (1.24)) Shadow damage.

    Chaos Bolt always critically strikes. In addition, the damage is increased by your critical strike chance.

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    I'm under the impression that spells retain their native Crit rating when reflected. As such, Chaos Bolt crits. Also, it absolutely trucks on low Resilience targets, so this isn't a big surprise.

    Good work though! I bet he was pissed.

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    Chaos Bolt, Inferno Blast, Lava Burst(in 5.2) and Soulfire will always deal a critical strike, so if it was reflected, they still retain their 100% crit chance.

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