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    offpiece for holy

    hm, most of time ppl are saying that the alysrazor chest is the best offpiece from 4xt due to haste insted of crit. But is it rly a better choice then the Gloves of the Raging Giant from rhyolith as the tier gloves are lacking spirit?

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    I really have to say i really want haste over spirit. This is just what i am used to. There is 2 type of ppl. One wants haste just for the soft cap (1860) and then go all out to secondary stat (mostly mastery). This is really good for paladins that can just stay on tank healing and not heal anyone ells. Then there is the ones who wants more haste (like myself). More haste = faster heals = more healing = less "oh shit" moments (this is what i have been experiencing ofc everyone has there own experience). For the record im 10man healer so dont have too much info what is to heal 25mans at this time. As for the spirit i got loads of HC loots allready and i dont find myself having troubles with mana execpt on ragnaros hc. Im using alysrazor chest and tier gloves. Ofc if you find yourself allways strugling with mana you should go for spirit no doubt. Like i said you can priotise your stat list how it fits you the most. All is just personal oppinions. For the record im 10man healer so dont have too much info what is to heal 25mans at this time.

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    There shouldn't be any reason not to get both and switch depending on the fight. But i'm running with alys chest aswell, not sure if i'll switch it to tier once i get shoulders or head token (stupid protector token!) for 4pc as it seems pretty weak.

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    I''d definately take the chest from Alysrazor over the gloves of raging giant when it comes to 4xt.
    However, when your having only 3t with not the tier gloves equipped yet,
    i''d go for the Offpiece gloves just due to the spirit it has.

    ps. this is just offspec for me, but im more then confident to stick to the offpiece chest.

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