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    Ret weapon question?

    Hi guys,

    Was wondering if any pro theory crafters out there can shed some light on weapons for ret paladins.

    I have the heroic axe from shannox and got the Rag normal mace last night.. and was wondering which has higher dps?

    also where does Zoid's firelit sword stand?

    My guess:

    1)Heroic Rag mace
    3)Normal Rag mace
    4)Heroic shannox axe

    any help will be much appreciated

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    heroic rag mace > regular rage mace > heroic zoids > heroic skullstealer
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    3.8 weapon speed >>>>> 3.6 weapon speed for rets so raggy mace is win by far.

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    Raggys mace has the best possible stats for retri also , so go for that

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    Indeed. Closing.

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