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    Transmorgrify! What Paladin Tier Set are will you be wearing come 4.3?

    What will you be wearing?
    Krakshot - MM Hunter
    Humiliation - Prot/Holy Paladin
    Purification - Disc/Holy Priest

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    Don't try and make sense of a game that sends you dragons in the mail

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    T2 purple version, T6 by far the reason why I like Cata alot more now. Its giving me another chance to have an old teir set I always wanted to have but it was too late cuz WotLK came out.

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    Keeping my current tier, but shield will definately be illidans shield. I have thought about mixing current tier with some Season 9 pvp items. But i do not want to look old school again, been there done that.. way to much.

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    T2 with dragonshield form bwl not sure MH yet, wanted dragonsrike but its removed from the game QQ

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    Please go to this thread for all your paladin transmogrification needs.

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