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    Here's my Rogue's current set:

    I know the hat doesn't really match the motif of the rest of the set, but I like that hat! =P

    Here's a link to the build.

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    Here is my new creation, even though I will stick with one type of daggers and not 2 different looking ones. The tool somehow didn't let me.

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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    Head: Cursed Vision of Sargeras

    Shoulder: Bloodfang Spaulders

    Shirt: Stylish Red Shirt

    Chest: Bloodfang Chestpiece

    Belt: Bloodfang Belt

    Legs: Bloodfang Pants

    Boots: Bloodfang Boots

    Bracers: N/A

    Gloves: Bloodfang Gloves

    Cape: N/A

    Main-hand: Ceremonial Warmaul Blood-Blade

    Off-hand: Ceremonial Warmaul Blood-Blade

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    The set I've got at the moment I think looks best. ( Armory in signature )

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    I see your shoulders and raise you a complete grunt outfit.

    Edit: I lied. I hadn't found the proper belt when I took that apparently. It's proper now though!

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    Where's your nipple belt!

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    I have been using the Golden BC recolor of T1 with 2 perd blades as daggers. But im getting my cata glad gear and going to Xmog to that once i get my gloves and legs.

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    Took my ole lv81 rogue (<- armory link) out for a walk and gathered this in ~15 mins... The colors are ever so slightly off, especially with the boots, but I just adore the beefy model. :|

    Seeing surprisingly few Assassination/Opportunist's gear transmogs around. Can't figure out why. The mask and the shoulders are simple rogueish badassness.
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    Tier 1 and Opportunist mix quite well, I've been planning on doing a black/red set for a while but mostly running into cba-related issues.
    currently wearing


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    I always loved the looks of the Merciless Glads set

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    Here is a set for an Orc Frost Assassin (thats how I called it). Im aware that this patch lacks agi swords, but will surely do for pvp.

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    This is the set I'm currently working on: [Clickie Link]

    What do you guys think?

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    not the most interesting but im finally happy with it lol
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    I think I'm finally done, Netherfang set (a.k.a. Spawn f*cked a ninja).T4 gloves, chest, legs, Kara boots (Shade), heroic blood furnace shoulders, gruul's lair helm, heroic black morass belt (there's a matching belt in Kara but it made it look too much like a onesie) and cloak of the enemy from heroic nexus, with daggers from anub 10 in naxx. Note that the helm will protect the hair when standing in fire, a must-have for any belf.

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    This is mine:

    for reference:
    Full T4 with matching belt and boots, and swapped out headpiece for cursed vision.

    I am still grinding for nice weapons to use. Any suggestions on what would fit?
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    just throwing this out there, not sure if anyone else has brought this up:

    [Sharpened Hyldnir Harpoon] is absolutely awesome for a thrown transmog.

    cannot post pics yet but ive got this in my set, its absolutely hilarious during morchok heaving spears

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    Oh my that is some badass rogue! Good job on that one.

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    I seaw the tip from Harpoon and went to my bag to check it...IT WAS THERE THE ONE FROM THE QUEST

    Now my trown looks amazing, thanks

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    Here is my transmog, im so sick of the full bloodfang original set with the cursed visions on

    so i made my own thing, i liked it a lot, what do you guys think of it ?

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