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    I'm a personal fan of the troll dungeon gear from Cata

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    I'm not a huge fan of the single-color scheme. I threw this together from stuff I had in my bank.

    Can't decide on the daggers but these work for now.

    /edit: Changed the shoulders. Like this combo much better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lokann View Post

    Tried to go for something... imperial-looking. I reckon it turned out alright.
    This is brilliant and also pushes me that much closer to my daily self-struggle with race changing to a Pandaren. =(
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    OOh noticed some people liked one of my sets I did before so here's a full breakdown of all the items used...

    Click here for WOWHead breakdown of all items

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    Quote Originally Posted by JIMM- View Post

    this set is amazing, the poster went inactive couldnt get answers, anyone figured out what pieces shes wearing?
    Near as I can tell, it's pretty much this....
    White Leather Armour

    here's a VERY similar armour set I made a while ago if you want a few different alterations.
    Another white armour set..

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    I feel retarted for asking like this, but since my user i new i cannot quote links with pictures or alike, so here goes...

    Can anyone please help me identify the 2nd set (golden look), which Tsumaki posted in post #1219? In particular the shoulders - thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bayou View Post
    I feel retarted for asking like this, but since my user i new i cannot quote links with pictures or alike, so here goes...

    Can anyone please help me identify the 2nd set (golden look), which Tsumaki posted in post #1219? In particular the shoulders - thanks!
    Shoulderpads of Vehemence from SWP

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    here's mine http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...rgarion/simple. Tryin to collect sunroc set, but its hard to find on ah

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    My main. I love her xmog.

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    My sets, base is the same, just with different weapon choices.

    Fists: wowhead

    Another fists: wowhead

    Daggers: wowhead

    And finally swords: wowhead

    Base with T5 helmet, possibly future version, just need to get T5 helmet again. wowhead

    Still to come in-game, missing shoulders which are from the newst tier set, from normal difficulty. Other pieces are waiting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Squishychunk View Post

    This is an outfit in another transmog thread that is getting a lot of praise, and I giggled a bit when I saw it, because I was attempting to put together a similar style outfit for awhile now. Only issue with mine is, well...I am a gnome, and most gear just ends up looking comical on me, rather than sleek like a night elf :P

    Here is what I have so far, still trying to perfect it (if I even can, with all that cuteness argh!)

    (more or less a copy-paste from another thread, but I am lazy sorry :P )

    Does anyone know the chest/helm/gloves used here?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Regen View Post
    Does anyone know the chest/helm/gloves used here?
    Chest is rogue tier 10 not sure what version of tier 10 it is though on the Nelf model. I would hazard a guess at tier 9 druid chest look alike for the gnome, but can't be certain it is though.
    Helm for both is http://www.wowhead.com/item=62967 there are other colour variations of it though.
    I can't quite tell what the gloves are on the nelf, but on the gnome it looks like rogue tier 11 gloves.

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    Here is my level 84 twink rogue:

    And here is my level 90 rogue:

    Taken in WoWhead's profile maker thing. The account both of these are on is down at the moment. The twink rogue is indeed wearing a cloth head, it's BiS at that level.
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    This is what I have going atm


    I am working on getting the T3 from BMAH when they are up.

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    Punk/Brawler gear (would of been better with fist weapons but im mutilate)
    T14 pants, gloves, Boots out of heart of fear, Cursed vision, ICC shoulder, and druids t2 replica chest

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    My Spartan gladiator themed outfit -

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    Spartans wouldn't have had long hair like that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeast View Post
    Spartans wouldn't have had long hair like that
    Spartan warriors were actually famous for their leonine manes.

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