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    Quote Originally Posted by precious View Post
    Full antorus mythic set except shoulders which are mythic star augur, boots there is a better match at avatar mythic which refuses to drop even after 100 kills and belt is first boss tomb mythic.
    That's the ToS mythic set, not antorus :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pexa View Post
    That's the ToS mythic set, not antorus :P
    And i edited my post. Ty for noticing my misstype.

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    Quote Originally Posted by droidzone View Post
    Oldschool, tier2 + cursed vision of sargeras head + vanilla rank 14 daggers
    Love this look. Rogue tier 2 is so fucking good, and Cursed Vision is the best head piece in the game imo

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    Got the back mounted banner toy from PvP and the stormwind banner for my argent squire pet so I don't think you can be more faction-patriotic than that. Ready for BFA!
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    I even ask Blizzard to add Boots to Black Market(AH)
    I'm a normal text, I'm a bold text.

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    I like basic/not fancy looks. DAT daggers though.

    EDIT: i'd like better gloves/boots that marge better with the rest (it doesn't look this bad in game though since the color difference is less prominent). Maybe i'll farm a cursed vision if i cannot find any other good hood/bandana style helm.
    No one wants to choose. Everyone wants everything.

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    Anyone that can confirm/deny that we're back to be able to transmog all one-handers apart from daggers into fist weapons in BfA?
    Quote Originally Posted by Mithrilina
    Do we girls get an E.B.O.O.B.S. (Equipment-Based OverpOwered Best-in-Slot) number?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CptEgo View Post
    It's my imaginary hidden rifle, ofc I will be dual wielding swords

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