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    this is the best, thanks a lot man, and i'd love to see that sporregar rep farm of yours

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    Sorry for being dead, been busy with both BF3 and Skyrim for the past month

    I have seen your wishes, and I will make another video, Sporregar it is, once you are neutral with them, you can do a repeatable quest wich takes 2-4 min, you should be avaible to get exalted within 1 day.

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    hm i dont think so

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    Excellent vid.

    Also, I love using LUI - been using it since Wrath, I can't use any other UI! Good choice mate!

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    heres a link for Sporregar. topic about it is in this Achivement Forums, just look it up.

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    I did this before Cata came out. Really really easy. Set your hearth to the chapel.
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    I just ran baron runs for a few hours till exalted
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    How do you do Timbermaw in 45 min?

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