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    Quote Originally Posted by Sighz View Post
    brb posting it on facebook.
    I did the exact same thing, sir.

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    shit my fucking pants, facebook.
    Quote Originally Posted by Azurenys
    Go raid for some sense of humour.
    We all know what to do, but no one does it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by endersblade View Post

    You don't need to be able to read it to get the effect from it, trust me.
    Very mean sir. Well played!.

    Posting that on Facebook .

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    Quote Originally Posted by endersblade View Post

    You don't need to be able to read it to get the effect from it, trust me.
    Holy shit that scared me.

    I hate you
    Quote Originally Posted by Slummish View Post
    I don't get it. I've gone AFK a million times to blow my bf so he'd get off my back and let me raid. What's the problem here? People have sex...
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    I was up reading bout the slender man and seeing those pics and all that around 2 am... I didn't even want to watch out of my window even when it was day for a few weeks. :/
    Eddie Meduza <3

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    When I was born my folks were living in their first house together...they got it cheaper because a poor girl had hung herself in the living room the year before. They said that some very weird things happened there, my mother was terrified when my Dad was out of town...quite regularly when they put me in to my crib to sleep they'd hear someone singing to me and playing with me when there was nobody else in the house. A number of relatives who watched over me said they experienced the same thing. Everyone was scared shitless of the place and my folks moved out. I actually have no memory because I was only just born, they'd moved long before my first memories.

    As for paranormal things I've directly you know when you look at someone, they may be a way off, and sometimes they spin 'round and *know* you've been looking at them...but there's no real way they could have. That's me. Also, when I was at Uni, I'd make beer money - my friends would pick someone at random in the pub...and would bet me I couldn't make that person turn around just by looking at them - I usually always could.

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    Whispers in the dark. Sometimes laughing baby noises in the night while my neighbors don't have babies.
    dang, that's when I grab my baseball bat and start singing Die MOFO Die from Dope.

    Or the one night when I went to a bar and saw that one hot chick, she wasn't from around (i asked everyone in the bar). I went to talk to her untill she said 'don't have time, it's coming'. I wasn't drunk nor did I drink any alcohol that night (i'm the driver....) It could've been that she said 'don't have time, he's coming' but I clearly heard the same as did a friend of mine. when she went out side she dissappeared - no car sound - no small alleys - and she couldn't have ran a 30 meters cuz thats how big the front is of the pub..... scary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gruyaka View Post
    I used to have dogs, a litter of Rottweilers. They always knew when something creepy was happening. They'd bark like crazy on those nights when the sky was grey and cloudy and it just didn't feel right. They would also bark before storms or before people died.

    Animals sense what humans can't.
    This one is easy. Animals are far more sensitive to sudden changes in air pressure (read: varying weather) compared to human beings and some will act strange because of it. This is actually fairly common knowledge. Living in a rural area myself, when storms are rolling in, it's very common for horses to run around like crazy, neighing etc.

    Obviously that doesn't explain deaths, but I'd chalk that up to a coincidence. /shrug
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    Quote Originally Posted by endersblade View Post

    You don't need to be able to read it to get the effect from it, trust me.
    Serious wtf. That scared me
    Quote Originally Posted by sivenom View Post
    That's like saying I can put my graphics card in my dog's skull and she'll see everything in HD tri-color sparkles. Are you really saying we can upload Rebecca Black intot heir system and scramble their defense turrets? Maybe smack on a Java RNG program and cause their weapons to self destruct. Tell you what aliens, come at me! I know C++!! /endrant

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    Back about 20 years ago (I was 11ish), I was at my Dad's for the summer, who lives on a farm about 8 miles from the nearest town. One night I was up late watching tv while everyone else was sleeping. I heard the wind chimes going crazy outside and the dogs started barking like mad (they stay outside). After a few minutes I decided to get up and peek my head through the windows covers of the picture window and I swear something was standing there looking at me. I immediately shut the window covering and jumped back. Another few minutes go by and the chimes stop and the dogs stopped barking. I peeked my head out again and nothing was there, just the dark yard. Freaked the hell out of me.

    Logic tells me it was probably just my reflection in the window, but it was not there the second time!

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    Once I found myself completely unable to move while lying on bed. I tried as hard as I could but I couldn't get up or move my limbs or even my head. And that was the "uncreepy" bit. There was also a doll like figure standing next to my bed and it was watching me. Eventually I was able to get up in a burst of determination. I then grabbed the thing (whatever it was) and tossed it out from the balcony.

    I was sweating like hell after the ordeal so I went to take a drink of water and left the almost empty glass of water in the center of the dinner table, and then went back to bed. When I woke up in the morning, the glass was on the table. Did I just dream up the whole thing except the sip of water? Because I don't remember going to take a sip of water in the night just like that, I distinctively remember taking it after the ordeal and that's why I placed it on the center of the table so I would be able to tell it wasn't a dream. But was it? I honestly don't know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lolan1 View Post
    I was up reading bout the slender man and seeing those pics and all that around 2 am... I didn't even want to watch out of my window even when it was day for a few weeks. :/
    Yeeah, you know slender man is a meme right?
    He was made by some guys on some website a few years ago

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    This thread currently has 666 views and I hear sounds coming from the hallway. fml

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    the brain creates things like that because it WANTS you to believe in that stuff. Everything can be explained with a rational explanation. That light was probably a car off in the distance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by endersblade View Post

    You don't need to be able to read it to get the effect from it, trust me.
    I just shit my pants. Well played sir.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Ogdru Jahad View Post
    the brain creates things like that because it WANTS you to believe in that stuff. Everything can be explained with a rational explanation. That light was probably a car off in the distance.
    How exactly do you know that?
    Quote Originally Posted by Kharnn View Post
    I started playing the game when I was 11 during BC. I actually discovered jacking off and came for the first time during a Gruul's Lair raid with my guild!

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    My wife and I just moved out of this "historic" house in a sleepy little farm town. The house had a cellar and a finished attic. The house was two bedrooms and both bedrooms were on the main floor. There was no air conditioning in the attic and, since it was just my wife and I living in the house, we really didn't need it as living space, so we just stored a bunch of seasonal crap up there. The attic had small closets in each of its corners. They were about four feet high and just about that deep and wide. We did not use the closets and instead just stacked our stuff in boxes along the attic walls so it was easier to get to.

    The attic was always either sweltering hot or freezing cold and I hated going up there. It just had a creepy "someone is watching you" vibe to it. At night sometimes it would sound like someone was walking around up there. We have two dogs and sometimes they would just sit at the base of the attic stairs and stare up. Every once in a while there would also just be a loud "thump." The stairway to the attic was right behind our bedroom wall and there were many nights where I wouldn't sleep because I would just sit there terrified of hearing the footsteps on the stairs. Needless to say, I tried to avoid going up there, especially when I was home alone or at night.

    When we finally moved out, we cleared all of the boxes out the attic with the help of some family. It was during the day and a lot of people were there, so it was not as scary as usual. What was scary, however, was what we found in the little closets. There were crayon markings all over the inside walls, as if a child had sat in the center of them and drawn all over. I did not notice that at all when we moved in...

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    This happened on 9/12/01. It was early morning(around 3:30am) the day after the attack. I'm not sure whether that's significant, it just makes the experience stand out that much more...

    I had to work on the night of the attack which royally sucked with that on everyone's mind... I got out of work at 1am, drove home, tired as hell went to bed. I didn't have much trouble falling asleep but woke up later when I heard something. I look for my clock and it is off, I thought there was a power outage and my parents were probably up and moving around. I laid my head back down and my bedroom door opens and closes. I was still groggy but realized the light outside my room was still on as was my stereo (light outside my room stayed on because I was in the basement, otherwise there was no light at all at any time of day. stereo, I always slept with my radio on.) so panic/time to get the hell up. I start scrambling and try to turn my lamp on - not working. Scramble more feeling for the flashlight that I kept on my nightstand, realize it's not there. I'm waking up more and thinking someone was in my room, lamp won't turn on, flashlight is gone so I'm freaking out and stumbling as fast as I can in the dark to get out. I searched all over the house, even woke my parents up to search because I thought there was an intruder. We couldn't find anything, all windows and doors were locked.

    I'm a skeptic where paranormal experiences are concerned. I still hate to say what happened was a ghost or anything paranormal. The things that get me about that night are the flashlight being gone and my clock being off and lamp not turning on. We didn't find the flashlight until three days later. My clock and lamp were both unplugged. The outlet was behind the bed, I had to move the bed to plug them in and would have had to move it to unplug them myself.

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    Iv had few odd experiences. From what i think might been astral projection, to aliens, to a ghost.

    For the astral projection. I must have been like 16, my dad was away on a cruise cleaning the ship for work. It was almost 2 am, and im in a dead sleep. My body starts burning up, i feel hot like im near a fire, im getting scared and i feel my dad is in trouble, i cant sleep so i hang out with my mom all night. In the afternoon my dad calls and told us how he was because the ship he was on caught fire at around 2 am and he was in the cabin next to it. My mom looked at me cause i told her about my dream.

    The same thing happened one night when i had a dream about my front door being unlocked, and i remember seeing digital number like on a microwave that said 3:22 and in the dream the door handle was jiggling and the door opens and its someone i dont recognize. I get scared wake up and its way before 3:22 but i realize my parents fell asleep without locking the door which was open so i liked it. Later in the night at around 3:20 i hear the front door being pulled on and the window next to it being messed with. I run to my dad and tell im i heard someone at the door, but the left by the time he got there.

    Alien story:
    When i was 7 i lived in Long Island, NY and theres a park called South Haven Park. On a ride home from my grandmas house around thanksgiving i believe, my family and yself were driving by South Haven to get back home. We come up to a detour with men in biohazard gear, and some kinda armed guards iv never seen before. My parents recall me saying "Look daddy aliens" but they told me they were just men. Me and my family SAW a fire in South Haven, there was smoke and a fire we saw it clear as day. Naturally in the morning NOTHING is said about the fire we saw. In the comming weeks other who saw it wondered what was happening but the guy who ran the park said "There hasnt been a fire in South Haven in 40 years. And nothing happened there." This is bs cause we saw it. He also denied that heavy machinery had been there when there was huge tire tracks like that of a crane. Tops of trees were sheared off and charred like they had been on fire in a decending pattern like something crashed into them. And there were still ribbons of yellow caution tape around trees that were roped off. He again denied all of this.

    In time a guy came out about the incident and identified himself as working for the government and that what happened in South Haven was an alien crash landing. He had body guards along with a fuzzy tape. My dad was so intrigued he went to see what this guy had to say. In the video where the men in suites we saw, the caution tape and trees. Some kind of big rig pulling behind it an alien space ship. You could see the drag makes from the ship in the dirt. And lastly 3 dead alien bodies. This guy was saying how he wanted the world to know what really happened, and he seemed really afraid for his life. Crazy stuff.

    When my god father died, i felt guilty cause i didnt go to the hospital to see him. That night when i tried going to sleep. I could hear and see him standing before me teling me it was all ok. That he was in a better place and to night feel bad. That he didnt want me to be upset cause he didnt want me to see him so weak. Now i dont know if this was a ghost or a guilty mind but it freaked me out.

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    Hahaha Holy Shit. Reading these stories in the evening, while the wind is making those weird ghost noises and then freaking the fuck out when your cat meows is just priceless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Citrustree View Post
    Hahaha Holy Shit. Reading these stories in the evening, while the wind is making those weird ghost noises and then freaking the fuck out when your cat meows is just priceless.
    I was reading a web book or a proposed copy of the necronomicon late one night and after i chanted a spell "The Crushing Mountain" i coulda sworn from the corner of my eye a shadow glide across the room, and then something on my table fell and scared the shit outa me.... bad timing for the cat to knock over a book =( lol i almost shit myself

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