View Poll Results: Which raid is the least fun?

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  • Firelands

    64 5.04%
  • BoT

    39 3.07%
  • BWD

    38 2.99%
  • ICC

    22 1.73%
  • ToC

    856 67.40%
  • Ulduar

    41 3.23%
  • Naxx

    130 10.24%
  • BT

    6 0.47%
  • TK/SSC

    37 2.91%
  • Sunwell

    37 2.91%
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    Which raid is the worst so far in all of wow?

    Im only allowed to post 10 options in this poll so im going to post the 10 most recent (excluding mini raids such as ruby sanctom)

    The correct answer is ToC.

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    Playing drums.... somewhere.

    Always wanted to do that like a boss.

    Boss status or no, that is spam.

    Boss enough to get me infracted , just kidding, I dont like BWD though, so boring of a raid.
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    Worst raid is definitely Sunwell Plateau......the dumb class stacking that was involved in that instance was pretty retarded, much like heroic rag is right now. A close second would be any/all of the 40man raids.

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    TOC always wins these polls.

    Mostly cos it deserves to. Just sayin'.
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    Eye of Eternity because of the drakes, I guess.

    ToC was pretty bad but only because you could run it four times a week and had to have an arena match in the middle. If you were in my guild who could only clear 10 man normal it wasn't that bad.
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    ToC for sure.

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    SSC was boring to me. I bet most votes will go to TOC though.

    People hated it but I loved that place, no trash!
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    "Worst" and "least fun" aren't always the same thing.

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    Molten Core by miles.

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    ToC is the worst excuse for a raid ever, I mean how long could it have taken them to design that place, 20 minutes?
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    It has been said by many that ToC is the worst one, but IMO it must be OSD or any raid like that.

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    TOC wins everytime, pls stop making the same polls over and over....TOC will always win and u already knew that...

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    Naxx rehash or ToC.

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    SSC, TK, BT and hyjal were by far my fav raids still to this day i love them sunwell was when wow started getting crap followed by toc. I am however enjoying firelands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Penguin FTW View Post
    "Worst" and "least fun" aren't always the same thing.
    I agree, I would say ToC was the "worst" but Naxx was definitely the least fun. Atleast ToC heroic was Challenging. Naxx was a Joke.

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    not gonna lie... im pretty sure i had more fun in ToC than i did in BoT...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Penguin FTW View Post
    "Worst" and "least fun" aren't always the same thing.
    True. ToC had some interesting boss fights. Faction Champions and Anub'Arak were really cool ones, in my opinion.
    Now, if they had just made it into an actual raid instance instead of an arena, I would've liked the place.
    The arena just made it all bland and boring.

    Ulduar was godlike.
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    EOE was by far the WORST raid ever.
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    MC isn't up there.

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    ToC the way it worked just didnt fit my idea how a raid should be, besides that it killed ulduar cause it had superior gear which makes it the worst raid ever implented

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