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    Quote Originally Posted by Inbred View Post
    40 year old guy that used to come in EBgames and always try and show us hes pokemon.
    Maybe the guy's just excited cuz he "caught em' all." Ok that was a bad joke...

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    One summer at camp there was this weird kid, "Geo" I think his name was, and he'd do the weirdest shit:

    -Come up to me and just start punching me and kicking me and shoving me around, and when I go "WTF??" he'd just laugh and say he was joking...srsly wtf
    -Start knocking on the cabin wall at night when the rest of us were trying to sleep, saying "I'm used to falling asleep with background noise", while the rest of us told him "Idiot, you can't fall asleep when your hand is moving." He'd do it like...every fucking night.
    -General asshattery, from what I remember.

    He got sent home a few days before camp ended. I dunno, the kid was a wackjob.
    Quote Originally Posted by Precursor View Post
    "Fall of therzane....." what? if that woman fell , god help us it will be the second cataclysm
    Words that lots of people don't seem to know the definition of:
    "Troll", "Rehash", "Casual", "Dead", "Dying", "Exploit".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pandolfo View Post
    Enough about my pedophile stories though, haha. I'm curious to hear about other people's experiences.
    Sounds like your a hit with the older gay men of the community!. haha. but yeah dude, that sounds real creepy. and it goes both ways i have to say.

    Ive had my fair share of stalker girls on the internet also. Will always remember this one girl who added me on Myspace way back in the day. Did as i usually did, exchange messages, MSN add, and all that. Friendly chat, nothing to over the top, probably like a 10 min convo at best, ok Cya later, was nice chatting.

    Instant i sign on the next day, (not joking, like 2 seconds) i get a message from this girl on MSN. I see the pop up, but continue browsing what ever i was reading at the time. I see the MSN box flashing a few more times, (this has only been a couple of minutes since i signed on) and i see the lines of text. "Hey are you there?", "Dont you want to talk to me", "OMG Did i do something wrong!?", "Babe, please talk to me i hope your ok".

    WHHHHAAAAAATTTTT. my brain says. instablock.

    Anyway, turns out this Girl went onto my msn profile (stupid me, listed my mbl number without thinking) and got my number and proceeds to txt me constantly asking what she did, and how she thought things were going so well between us etc.

    Jesus christ. Some people are just batshit. insane.

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    Once in Tesco I saw a woman on the till pick up my lettuce, say 'I like lettuce' and then lick it, before ringing it up and handing it to us...

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    I creep the creepers out, so I never have this issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skelington View Post
    Well, i had a few male stalkers when i was messing around on a female character and pretended i was a female to them. Was strange, and they didnt believe me when i told them i was truly a male. One was apparently a female as well.
    The problem was solved by playing a different character for a week.

    People tell me im creepy as well, for i often just stare off into the distance(whether someone is there or not), and apparantly i dont blink as often as i should. And im told my natural facial expression is something like "if you look at me funny, i will slaughter you in the most gruesome way imaginable."

    Other than that, i dont really meet people in real life, for i try my best to not speak with others.
    Sorry but i found this funny .... to bad i laughed out loud.... in my school class >.<
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    My story is somewhat similar to the OP's; however, I am gay and fairly accustomed to the pervy behavior of older men. Nevertheless, when I was in my very early 20s, I was a bartender at a relatively popular gay club in New Orleans. Our clientele were generally young partiers and tourists, but always of the hot, sweaty, shirtless persuasion.

    One morning, around 3 or 4am, when the place was totally dead, a large, elderly (very elderly), African-American man came in and ordered a beer. He sat there quietly drinking until I made the mistake, after one too many Jager shots, of striking up a conversation with the man. It turns out he was a local cab driver. He seemed nice; he had one of those deep, gravelly smoker's voices like a grandfather, had a cane and was wearing the thickest eye glasses I had ever seen.

    I assumed he was unaware of his being in a gay bar, but it was N.O., back then, no one really cared about anything except having a good time. Near the end of my shift, I told him I was leaving and another bartender would be taking my place. He offered me a ride home. Seeing as how he was a cab driver, I just assumed he meant for a fare. I said sure.

    We went around the corner, I hopped in the back seat and he said it was OK if I rode in the front. Still oblivious, I moved up and just figured this meant he was going to give me a ride for free...

    The instant I sat down, he grabbed me by the back of head with one hand and covered my face with a pink washcloth that smelled like fingernail polish remover. I still don't know what it was, but it didn't knock me out if that's what he was trying to do. I don't remember what happened next, but it was the fastest I've ever moved in my life. The door flew open and I jumped out backwards onto my ass in the street.

    He sped off like a bat out of hell and ran over one of my shoes. Luckily it just clipped the toe and didn't even break a bone. I was numb and ran back into the bar and screamed my head off to everyone within earshot. Two of my regulars ran off into the night to see what they could see, but nothin'. I didn't really freak out until about an hour later, but I'm now 34, almost 35 and I know this is the creepiest man I've ever met, because all these years later, even living in a different state entirely, every time I see a taxi, I am possessed to look inside at the driver... Hell, he's probably dead of old age by now, but it is what it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamikaze148 View Post
    Anyway, turns out this Girl went onto my msn profile (stupid me, listed my mbl number without thinking) and got my number and proceeds to txt me constantly asking what she did, and how she thought things were going so well between us etc.
    Wow, that's pretty extreme to say the least. You weren't even dating her.

    I had something similar happen to me with that 52 year old man, I blocked him from my instant messenger; but about a week later, I recieve a message in my inbox, saying that he sent a request trying to get permission to view my photo gallery on the instant messenger? CREEPY!
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    Holy ****, Slummish. o.O I think that takes the prize. It could have ended really badly for you. I'm glad it didn't.

    The creepiest person I've encountered was an Eastern European old bum/hobo. My school was on a trip abroad, and this drunk, smelly hobo with a massive beard harassed me sexually - humped my leg with a semi-erection, fondled my hair/face, etc. It freaked me out. The weird thing was, my two male teachers saw the whole thing, but didn't do anything about it, or help me in any way. I had to escape into a store to get rid of him. >.>

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamikaze148 View Post
    Used to work in a Video Store. Was working the late shift with about half an hour left in my shift. This huge fat guy walks in mumbling to himself, and i do my usual Mr Johnny Smile customer service "Hello, hows it going?" thing. He instantly turns his head away from me and keeps walking, and as he does i get a waft of B.O. like crazy.

    Fine. i think. Rude but whatever, forget about him in the store. The owner/manager comes in at 10pm to help cash up and turn off the lights and lock up, and he goes off to turn the lights off (store lights are located in the porno room).

    I hear yelling "WHAT THE F***, GET THE F*** OUT OF MY SHOP" etc, "I WILL HAVE YOU ARRESTED IF YOU EVER COME BACK TO MY STORE AGAIN". And the big guy just runs past me at the counter at a rate of speed.

    Turns out this guy was beating off to the porno covers, and had umm. Done his deed already but was going for round two. Dont know about you, but that is insanely creepy. What makes it worse is that for the next year we mysteriously would come in some mornings and see flem spit balls on our glass door to the store, hmm wonder who would be doing that?.

    Also found out the guy has mental issues, and has a carer etc, abusese local store owners etc. But yeah. ewwww
    LOL I laughed pretty hard at this one, thats fucked up.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mwarren View Post
    It's a no brainer. Get MW3, Skyrim is just a rehash of Oblivion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Neezh View Post
    Because I'm brave enough to smoke. I see no point in quitting

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    I guess i pick the one i met when i was 10 years old sitting on a park bench with my 12 years old brother and my Grandmother, suddenly one old drunkard (maybe around 65 years old) Stood before us and talked to our Grandmother about that we looked like some good cute kids..well he went on and mumbling about shit i dont remeber, but i remeber my Grandmothers face, I think i have never seen her with a face so threatful since that day. Anyway the man the asked my Grandmother if he could get one of us becuse she had two or if he could buy one of us. (yeah i was scared like hell) But then my Grandmother shouted off "this is my kids and if you even go near them i will bloody kill you!" The shout drove the attention to us and ppl started looking, aswell as two policemen walking towards the old man. He was a fast runner for a 65 years old. That man sure was creepy.

    ps my Grandmother is awesome.

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    From this thread you'll learn...

    Quote Originally Posted by Mwarren View Post
    It's a no brainer. Get MW3, Skyrim is just a rehash of Oblivion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Neezh View Post
    Because I'm brave enough to smoke. I see no point in quitting

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    i got this creepy kid at work right now with a acne face..i call him eminem because he walks like a thug...but when you have a conversation with him he sounds like some 50 year old NPR radio host that talks about the economy and etc...he always makes me feel weird when im around him

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    There's a kid in our local area we have labeled arse stick boy. Roughly 6-7 years ago (I'm 23 now) I used to hang around with 5-6 girls and we would go to the field or park quite often for a laugh and mess about which was pretty cool being the only male there haha.

    Well one day we saw a young kid probably around the age of 11 come up to us and started calling one of the girls ginger, she told him to fuck off as you do and he went away for a bit, the next thing we know he's stood about 30 foot away with his trousers down putting a rather big stick up his arse yelling "oh do you like that ginger bitch" then started chasing her with the end of the stick. I grabbed hold of him and dragged him to the beck and threatened to throw him in there to which he started crying and promised he wouldn't do it again.

    None the less he stood quite a distance away and started yelling swear words at us and then ran away back into the estate. Ain't seen him since but he's probably in jail or on the sex offenders list now.

    You don't forget shit like that

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    I work at a 16-18 college and some of the students there can be quite creepy, especailly the nerdy ones who think they know out system (but hilariously don't)

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    I wont lie, I wont go into details over most of them because I still use the same user name I did years ago when I first started using forums and such frequently.

    One is an old GM of mine. Basically Guy 1 e-dated Girl 1. He got sick, ended up dying. At the time he was a Co-GM, this guy. Girl 1 and him basically fuck on his death bed. When Guy 1 died, he tried to use his death to rally the guild. Didn't work in the end. A month after she moved in with him got her pregnant, and he still works at a glorified burgerking from what I know. I left relatively early into it, but another guild imploded on the server and a friend of mine went there; she thought we were exaggerating. Basically he ended up rage kicking her because she suggested the focus more on the 25 raids than the 10, they spent something like 80% of their progression time on 10 mans. He raged, screamed at her, and rage kicked her. Oh, and this girl he "dated"? She basically handed out nudes to everyone that asked.
    He spewed insults at this guy because he undercut him on some gems as well, vile insults really. Was fun realm drama when the guy posted his screaming on the forums. Ended up getting Realm First BotFK by default, a bit later they disbanded the guild, and reformed into a guild named after it. The "big guild" went into ICC 10 the week afterwards and 2 shot it if memory serves.

    Ironically he tried to flame me a lot on the forums, when I specifically made a note not to start drama with the guild. Didn't want to stir the pot and all that. I was part of the reason all this drama was going around or something.

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    Weirdos are interesting.

    I can't really think of any great examples but I've had some pretty weird GM's. One threatened to kill a 9 year old kid, another was schitzo andflirted with every female in the guild. He would be all nice and normal to them at first and then one day just start freaking out at them about his life and blah blah blah.

    There was also a super creepy girl in one of the guilds I was in who was batshit insane. I wish I could explain these better, but it's just a whole lot of tiny moments that add up to crazy, you know? :P
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    It's a relief to hear that you got out of that mess, it could've gotten much worse.

    That story has to be the most horrific one thus far. My internet harassment is insignificant in comparison.

    Old men are nothing but trouble!

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    I was standing with my cousin (12 at the time, with me being 14) in line at the Kroger check out and the guy in front of us said he had some puppies that he was giving away in his van. After walking out, to go back home, we saw him standing at the back of this white, windowless van and he waved us over. We started moving the other way quickly and he got in his van and started our direction. We sped up and moved towards some random adults in the parking lot and he stopped and turned off.

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    On a camping trip, my family was accused of being aliens performing religious rituals to appease our alien gods.

    We were playing a game by lantern light.

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