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    Is this okay to wear at a wedding?

    I have only been to one wedding in my life, and this will be my second. Last time, my family criticized me for wearing such a dark color to a wedding (it was navy blue). So this time, I thought that I would ask for some advice.
    I was going to wear a purple cocktail dress, but I had a short notice that the wedding colors are silver, white, and pink. I'm kinda helping out so I thought that I would match the wedding color but I only have one dress that matches the color.
    There wasn't a notice that the wedding was formal but it is during the early evening, so I might be able to pull this off but I also didn't want to be over-dressed. Do you think that it's okay to wear this dress? or should I just go with a purple cocktail(a bit less formal)?
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    Do you know the brides maids? Find out what they are wearing and compare it to that dress. You really don't want to over dress as I've seen it happen and the bride/brides maids went crazy ( Silly women ). The purple cocktail dress may be a better option though.

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    What is your role exactly? That would help to know.

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    I don't see a problem with a purple cocktail dress. That one you posted looks like a prom dress, like, too fancy for a wedding...at least the weddings I've been to.

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    Aren't silvers, whites and ivories off-limits to anyone but the bride?

    Anyway, the dress in question is very nice (peach and white? screenshot is small), Personally, I like bold colours; I don't know what your cocktail dress looks like but if it is NOT a prom dress, then I vote for that
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    It sounds like your family comes allot on this forum aswell, i mean, jees complaining about how you look on a wedding, of all the QQ possible.

    If you like the dress put it on, and if they dont like it, tell them you have a jeans in your purse and you would be happy to put that on! This this will make them stop b%tching about what you wear.
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    IMHO you can't be overdressed on a wedding, only underdressed. Unless it's like a Hell's Angels wedding or something, but generally you will be praised if you are overdressed. I think the dress you linked is fine.
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    the one you linked is a bit fancy, don't want to take the attention from the bride! try something a little simpler

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    I can't believe how up-in-arms people get about this kind of stuff. They actually QQ'd about your navy-colored dress? I mean, if you were just a guest to the wedding, who cares?

    The dress you linked is nice. I'd imagine people wouldn't complain about it as much as the purple one; you'll stand out FAR less. God forbid you actually look good on someone else's wedding day.

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    The dress you linked is very nice and should be suitable imo.

    I guess it depends on how strictly they want the wedding colours observed. Are they just for the bridal party, or do they want all of the guests to wear those colours? That will be the deciding factor. If they aren't fussed what the regular guests wear, that's your green light for the purple dress =)

    Honestly though, people do put too much emphasis on this stuff. As long as you look smart, that should be all that's required.
    At the other end of the scale, the first wedding I went to in The Netherlands (my boyfriend's sister), I was gobsmacked to see some of the guests turn up wearing jeans. That's just not done in England.
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    It depends, on most of the weddings that dress would have been a bit too much, atleast to me it would have come up as trying to battle the bride for attention and beauty Then again, if it's some overly romantic, fancy princess wedding (ie, you are complained about wearing blue O_o?!) then it might not be that bad. Personally, I'd go for the purple dress and tell complainers to give clothing instructions reasonable time before the wedding.

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