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    I've seen about 4 glaives drop and I've had the MH drop one week and the OH the next.

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    Back in BC, I swear to god, We got Off Hand Warglaives our first 5 kills 3 went to our rogues, 1 went to our fury warrior and our warrior tank got one for his os. Needless to say, we killed Illidan for months afterwards and we never saw a MH.

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    Took me a year between main hand and offhand back at 70. Baddies were having more luck than me. Rng is a bitch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katurian View Post
    I've cleared MC about 20 times, seen 2 Eyes of Ragnaros, 4 Bindings from Garr and 1 from Geddon. =)
    you just raised your haters list by one

    damn Geddon
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    after a year of farming mc on three toons, on my warrior the bindings dropped back to back. also have the MH glaive on him

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    During TBC my guild got 5 offhands but not a single main hand yay.

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    Im up to 30 kills ive seen 2 MHs and 1 OH. I have a MH, a rogue busdy got the Oh and a warrior buddy got the other MH.

    Ive seen 2 eyes. (Got the first) and ive seen 2 geddon and a garr binding

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElvenArcher View Post
    I really don't understand this new fad of posting plural names with apostrophe S.
    qft. Where did it come from?
    No point mentioning these bats, I thought. The poor bastard will see them soon enough.

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    44 for me to complete the set.

    But gratz to you.
    I've seen a lot of people getting on their first or second run

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    It took me 3 months after putting BT on farm to get my glaives back in the day. I still love them to bits, Easiest Glad titles ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tearor View Post
    qft. Where did it come from?
    Nowhere, probably. People are just idiots.

    Anyway, congrats on that. My guilds were always pretty lucky with legendaries.

    We completed three sets back in TBC (our guild leader got his OH on a monday, then we killed him the following wednesday after reset and the MH dropped), 2 rogues and a warrior, and yet another rogue ended up with just the main-hand. Ran BT 20 ish times during WotLK/Cataclysm and am yet to see one, though, same goes for Cursed Vision of Sargeras (which is what I'm farming for). We also had 3 hunters and a rogue with Thoridal.

    Back in Vanilla we had 3 eyes drop (2 rets and a warrior got them) and 2 sets of bindings; we had no idea what it was at first a hunter - our GM, took it, then the second went to our main-tank. Personally it took me around 60 Ragnaros kills to get my eye and around 45 for the Baron binding (got 3 Garr ones while farming).

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    I'm trying to find the glaives right now on my rogue. I'm hoping to have as much luck with them as I did with Thunderfury.. Left and Right Binding in 2 weeks... ^_^ If I could get even one glaive I'd be so happy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordKefka06 View Post
    Not counting time-relevant kills:
    • Sulfuras: 38
    • 1st Left Binding: 29
    • 2nd Left Binding: 69
    • Currently: 71 MC Runs / No Right
    • 1st MH Glaive: 9
    • 2nd MH Glaive: 32
    • 3rd MH Glaive: 37
    • Currently: 39 BT Runs / No OH
    • Thori'dal: 26
    • Currently: 31 TE Runs / No Ashes

    Interesting Fact: The Shattering made The Warglaives of Azzinoth currently the only legendary to be specialization specific, not class. Warriors can only use the legendary set if they are Fury, due to the 1h dual-wield passive talent...
    Sulfuras users: arms warrior, retribution paladin, feral druid. DKs don't count, otherwise your theory is void too, since it's possible to be dual-wield unholy still (viable, maybe not) and yeah, DKs can use warglaives.

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    Too bad you can't transmog to them.
    I hope you haven't forgotten my role in this little story. I'm the leading man. You know what they say about the leading man? He never dies.

    If you give in to your impulses in this world, the price is that it changes your personality in the real world. The player and character are one and the same.

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    I spent 75 resets getting my sulfuron eye on my paladin, and in that time I saw 4 full sets of bindings. I go and solo it on my rogue, both bindings in 5 days (2 resets). This game makes no sense. I've only ever seen a single glaive drop.

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    I just got my first glaive on.. my first run ever XD Got an achi + MH warglaive xD

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    I havent seen them drop yet. Here's to hoping one drops this weekend!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tearor View Post
    qft. Where did it come from?
    In alot of other languages you use 's to indicate that its a plural.

    OT: Gz on the fast drops Haven't seen it drop yet but haven't really tried anymore lately.

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    MH on 1st ever kill. Still waiting on OH after 10th run. :<
    Got the eye of sulf after about 3/4 runs.
    Still waiting for garr's binding >.>

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    Been hunting the Main Hand glaive for along time now, got the Offhand on my Rogue on her second kill, shes now at about 30+ kills or so if i recall

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