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    Quote Originally Posted by ophion1990 View Post
    In alot of other languages you use 's to indicate that its a plural.
    Care to name some of them? In German (my mother tongue) it's a very common mistake, correctly it'd be like in English: "-s" is for plural, "-'s" is for genitive ("possessive") case.

    OT, never been hunting the Glaives myself, but on the ~8-10 runs I did for achievements, I've seen 2 MH and 1 OH...
    No point mentioning these bats, I thought. The poor bastard will see them soon enough.

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    Got OH on my first kill(rolling against 7 other ppl)
    MH dropped on 4th kill and I wont the roll against 3 ppl

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    The same thing happened to me with Thunderfury. I ran MC for the hell of it about a month ago and got the left binding, so I decided to run it the next week in hopes of getting the right binding, and I got it. =D

    The icing on the cake came when I talked my friend into helping me run BWL for the Ingots, and got the 10 that I needed in one full clear.

    Now I'm running MC for Sulfuras, but I haven't gotten the Eye yet. =( My guildie, on the other hand, has gotten FOUR in two months. I tried to find a way of proving it you guys, but the armory doesn't show him looting them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultimoorc View Post
    Seems a bit strange for them both to drop one week after another?
    it's a random drop. wouldn't be random if it couldn't drop twice in a row.
    anyway, grats.

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    I got my OH on the 14th kill, another OH dropped on the 23rd and then I finally got the MH on the 29th :>

    Thoridal took me about 6 runs

    52 MC runs so far and I haven't seen the eye drop, I got Tfury sometime during those kills, I've also seen both bindings drop in the same run >.<

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    grats on ur glaves there.

    me myself never been looking for those. since rogue and warrior are the only classes i dont have.
    but i have been there many times untill my mate get em. i think he got both of them before i earn exalted.

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    9kills here and ive never seen the Warglaives or the Bulwark of Azzinoth

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    Grats on your glaives!

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    It seems the drop rate is pretty high as I got my 2 Glaives 6 days apart (2 raid clears).

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    Back in BC, the first Glaive to drop went to a Rogue who happened to be the GL of said guild. She quit playing the next week and had announced that she was quitting the game. She looted it to herself so she would have it when she quit. On topic though, my Guilds second Illlidan kill we got a glaive to drop and I was first in lie at the raid to get it but before we pulled a hunter droped raid so her husband could go incase the Glaive dropped, we had already promised him the first glaive. It dropped the MH. We were the First guild on the Server to have a glaive and use it from being the 5th guild on the server to kill Illidan. First kill was 4 months before we killed him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Splosion View Post
    I spent 75 resets getting my sulfuron eye on my paladin, and in that time I saw 4 full sets of bindings. I go and solo it on my rogue, both bindings in 5 days (2 resets). This game makes no sense. I've only ever seen a single glaive drop.
    So you're the one who's been messing up my RNG! Never seen the bindings drop! And some *Fluffy bunnies* ninjalooted the warglaive I won last week.

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    Got my mainhand glaive on tuesday, thursday after the reset we did BT again and I got the offhand. 5 times in total. Feels like they have buffed the droprate for them. The Thunderfury bindings I got in like 4-7 runs in total in mc

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxJr View Post
    9kills here and ive never seen the Warglaives or the Bulwark of Azzinoth
    Kill the same boss for more than 30 weeks over and over again without seeing ONE of the weapons you want and we'll talk again. :/

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    Killed Illidan 10 times now, OH dropped on my first ever Illidan kill (weapon was warrior/rogue back then so I didn't roll as a DK) OH dropped again now on my 10th Illidan kill and this time I took it ofc.

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    OH dropped for my rogue pre-sunwell. killed it weekly for the rest of BC, no MH. been doing it on and off since then through cata and wrath, still no MH.

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    I've always thought that the Warglaive's looked extremely sexy. Even though Transmog won't work with them you can see a TON of people farming them. There's so many glaives around. It kinda takes away that special feeling of trying to look cool while standing on the mailbox in SW. Guess I'll have to find the next best thing that everyone and their mother doesn't have.

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    I can't believe some peoples luck. Myself and a friend are the only people I know to complete glaives. I completed mine in TBC with some luck. Took several months. My friend got his offhand in TBC, and ran BT every week for the entire of Wotlk and Cata.

    About 2 months ago he started his weekly runs: (3 days before he picked up MGT and SH mounts) TK Phoenix run, BT Glaive Run, Sunwell Bow Run.

    The Friday he ran BT and Sunwell, he picked up his Glaive, and his Bow, Same day.
    The Next day we walk into TK and the Phoenix drops.

    He spent about 2 weeks getting bombarded with abuse from players jealous of his Warrior T3, Glaives, Phoenix and Bow which became his Org AFK set. He soon quit after. (Glaive Achievement Date)

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    went glaive farming on my rogue with a guildmate (warrior), we both got the set in 4 ids total :>

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    Seen both Glaives drop in about 9 weeks, not for me personally though. My binding from Garr is another story though... I've been killing him for about a year and a half and still haven't seen it... I hunger for my Thunderfury : (

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    Random loot is random. you just got lucky, been running bt since late july havent seen any oranges drop.

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